Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Wiles

It is the weekend. That in and of itself is cause for celebration. I am glad that we only have to work one Saturday a month. I'll enjoy it even more when I no longer have to work Saturdays ever! But of course, that day will mean I am a mommy and then I'll technically have to work every day. Hopefully I will enjoy that work significantly more than what I am doing now. Significant as in 300% more.

I woke up this morning and finished the book for my book review in bed. The plan was to finish it mid-week so I could write the review during the rest of the week and spend the weekend on my two other small assignments. I was so exhausted each and every night that I went to bed early every night this week! I fell asleep on the couch twice with the book still open! Good grief! Well, the book is done and I am currently working on the review. Paper writing has never been difficult for me and I understand APA format really well, but I get easily distracted by my cats, the internet, and snacks. Anything to do besides homework, right? I'll crank this paper out in the next hour and be done with it forever. Not a difficult assignment since 500 words is the review and the rest is practical application.

On Thursday night my girlfriends and I went to Cityview Skytop lounge. It was beautiful. Most of the time we were there it was completely empty. The food was delicious and I tried something that I wasn't sure I would like (some kind of quesadilla, I forget what all was inside it) but it was amazing. Definitely wouldn't mind going there again. WE danced a little after dinner and by "we" I mean my friends did most of the dancing and I awkwardly swayed and made a general fool of myself. Maybe someday I won't be so insecure about dancing. I plan to dance around the house with my babies so that should release my inhibitions! All around another successful ladies night. I am blessed to have such great friends.

Matthew wants to take me to see the Owl movie tonight. We're both interested in it. I just love Owls. They are so beautiful and serene and now there's an entire movie about them! Hopefully it won't be a bust. As long as I finish this stinking book review and one of my other assignments then we can go. Either way I need some delicious dinner beforehand!

I don't know why I have been so slow in decorating our home... but it still isn't all done. I need to print some new pictures for our frames and hang our art. I want to ditch most of our old art and get new items. Maybe I'll make some large prints to put in the frames instead? I don't really like the wintry trees anymore. But they were free hand-me-downs from my mom so I can't complain! I did buy some new frames from the dollar store! I am very excited about them and cannot wait to hang them. I want to have everything in place for Christmas when my in-laws come to visit. I want our house to look like a home and right now it looks pretty homey, but not perfect quite yet. I also need to buy some curtains. I want two for our bedroom, one for the guest bedroom, one big curtain for the living room, and maybe a valance for the office. I've just been so lazy. We also still need to get the books piled against the wall in the office a home. I will sort through the books first though and get rid of some of the ones I'll never read again. I just like having books!

I suppose that's enough time wasted. Back to the books.

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