Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rights and Wrongs

I know that I complain about my job a lot. You should hear all the complaining I do to my husband! But honestly, Liberty is a fabulous place to work. Great benefits, great co-workers, no fear of living out my Christianity, devos before each work day and a prayer time, and the pay isn't horrible for my current situation (meaning: for the overall standards of living in America, not necessarily the best pay grade. But for someone who is a un-newlywed, in graduate school, and living in VA... not bad at all). The job isn't hard and I'm trying to better myself at it. I felt like I wasn't being challenged, so I got lazy. Not good. I've tried to step it up a notch so that I was back up to par where I should be. Again, not a difficult job so there's no reason why I shouldn't be excelling. I wasn't having a problem with it the first half year I was there. Well, today I got excellent feedback from my management team and received three excellent call scores of 100%, 100&, and 99% and I didn't even have to fight for those. I hope to keep this standard up because I can't say my job isn't challenging if I am doing mediocre work. I want to be the best so I can be proud of my work. Seems kind of silly if you know my job, but this is the place God has for me right now in my life so I need to honor Him while doing it.

On another note, a situation arose at work and I had to bring it up with management. Not a good situation and I won't go into detail on a public forum, or probably even in conversations, but it made me realize how important this job actually is. I don't want to take it for granted and I don't want to have issues with my bosses or co-workers. At all. Thankfully, I wasn't having the issue, but it just made me stop and think. Even in a place like Liberty we cannot take job security for granted. Liberty is a business just like any other and negligent workers or liars or thieves will not be tolerated. No, this has not been happening to those extremes that I know of, but just in general people should act with integrity in the work place. Especially at a place like Liberty. As the founder said, "If it's Christian it should be better". You would hope so.

I was supposed to do a chunk of my homework tonight for my grad classes. I drank a latte at lunch in order to keep myself awake enough to do it. I have given up coffee for my most part so that was a big step. I was able to get all my reading done for one class, do my discussion board post in that class, do all my discussion board posts for my other class, and check the other assignments. I'm going to read at least three chapters out of the book for my book review before bed (it's an easy and fast read, thank goodness! they only gave us two weeks to read the book and write the review! well, I could have started it earlier, but there was a lot of other assignments to do those weeks! these two weeks have been lighter on the outside assignments) and then I should be good to go. Tomorrow I'll try to finish the book and find all my resources for my research paper in my second class, another assignment. Yes, it is week one in the second class and we already have to compile our list of sources for the research paper! Thankfully, I would well in the fast pace of 8-week long online classes. I much prefer it actually. And then all I need to do is write the book review, edit it this weekend, and turn it in before Sunday. I guess that doesn't sound so bad. And that's one week down of the four week overlap. Not so bad at all.

So we got that Canon camcorder and I LOVE it. Such a great investment. We were able to pay for it all in cash also (Matt's paycheck is a direct deposit to a specific account at a bank we don't primarily use... so we take out the cash and usually just deposit it to our main bank account, but we had it handy so just paid with it), which I like so there's not payments to worry about and no interest. But... Matthew also bought me a very nice Canon camera bag! I had wanted one for a long time for my DSLR, but the one I thought I wanted was much larger than I actually needed. This bag fits my DSLR, the lenses I have, the camcorder, all the accessories for everything, plenty of space for all my extra memory cards, and will have a pocket for my point and shoot too if need be! It is the perfect size. I love it. It is pretty. Very nice. I have a wonderful husband who truly spoils me.

On a completely different note: I think I just witnessed my kitten humping my cat! We just got him fixed two weeks ago... and he never did that before. I heard Emily growl, turned around, and saw Maxie all up on her... doggie style. Hope that was just a coincidence and he was actually trying to tackle her or something. Gross.

One last thought. My dad sent me this in an email. I sent it out to my co-workers today. It circulated the office and I heard a bunch of people I didn't send it to talking about it. It's a crowd pleaser! Enjoy!


I figured out that not everyone can see the pictures I posted. Shame. I don't know why they appear on Safari but not other browsers. Sorry. It's pretty funny though.

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