Monday, September 20, 2010

Graduate School... mmhmm

So today begins my second grad course for the semester. Two grad classes together for the next four weeks. Should be interesting. I keep telling myself that it shouldn't be so bad. When I was a full time student on campus I took class every day, worked part time, got all my homework done, took 18 credits or more every semester, and managed to graduate with honors. Shouldn't be too bad. I so far have a 4.0 in Grad school and I plan to keep it that way. I just need to lay off of the Gilmore Girls, LOST, and Boy Meets World in the evenings. Less free time, more reading, and less procrastination! Thankfully, these courses shouldn't be so difficult. Not a whole lot of work involved. I'll still have quizzes/ tests/ one major project/ one major research paper/ and a ton of reading for both combined... but I've always been a good student. I'm confident in myself! (at least I'll keep telling myself that!) I went to write my intro Discussion Board introducing myself to the class. I then saw that the first paragraph is intro, the second paragraph is about the history of Human Services? Boo. I can't do that at work. I didn't bring my textbook with me. Sigh. I suppose I will just have to do it when I get home around 6:30. Thankfully, I find Human Services interesting. I should hope I do since that is my major. I can't tell if my classes really are that easy or if I just find this information so interesting it makes it easy. Either way, I'm enjoying my program. Hopefully I'll continue to enjoy these classes as I double up.

I'm taking a late lunch as a favor to a co-worker. I must say I like it. Sure I got hungry there the last half hour before my break, but now when I'm finished I only have two more hours of work before I can go home. Go home to do homework. Fun. Sigh. Life.

And it's beautiful.

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