Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

So far this weekend has been completely wonderful. This morning we woke up bright and early (well, 9 am. Which on a weekend where neither the husband nor I had to work is early! We try to stay in bed until at least 9:30 but I prefer to drag it out until after 10 am if possible) and made delicious breakfast together. While we ate we watched an episode of Boy Meets World. I am pleased to announce that Cory and Topanga are back together again. All is right in the world.

We then suited up (got dressed) and drove to Roanoke for some shooting at the range. It will nice when the range in Lynchburg opens. Was supposed to be opened by now, but there were some issues with the city about location and everything. Hopefully will be open by Christmas when the in-laws are here. A little while ago Matt and I purchased our own ears and eyes for the range. I got a lovely pair of pink earmuffs! Makes shooting that much better, if you ask me. We took our places and went to work. I finally figured out what my problem was! I haven't been a terrible shot, but my shots always go low. We couldn't figure it out. I tried not to let the recoil scare me so I pushed the gun down but I continued to do it. Today I figure out that I wasn't doing that at all! Well, I probably do some, but it wasn't the major issue. I had been aiming "wrong". I was lining up the sights all well and good but I was also lining up the sights to my eye-level, if that makes sense. It's hard to explain, but I'm not doing it anymore and I did great! After I figured that out my shots were much more accurate. Matt was pretty impressed! I was able to hit the centers of my targets and my stray shots were still in the right portion of the target instead of being so low it could be for the bottom target! (I get one sheet that has five different targets placed on the page with smaller targets within and then one that is a silhouette and has colored shapes for major organs) Made me feel much more confident.

We then headed over to the mall for some shopping. We typically don't go on shopping sprees but like to treat ourselves to something new and nice every once in awhile. I bought an adorable navy skirt from The Gap, I had been wanting a simple Navy skirt. Matthew got a pocket tee from The Gap. He likes the pocket tees because they're comfortable and simple. I browsed through the books at Barnes and Noble on our way in and out, but I resisted since I have a pile of books I still need to read! Plus starting on Monday I have two grad classes going at once for the next four weeks. Eek.

We headed home but stopped at Best Buy first. Matt got a HDMI cable for his computer and we're still trying to figure out what's not working. His monitor works and everything he's bought to try to replace hasn't done anything so far. It's a puzzler. And we splurged and got a Canon camcorder! I needed a video camera for my final project in my current grad class and we figured why not buy a nice one now. We wanted one for when we have kids anyways so we might as well get one early so as not to add to the baby costs. We looked at the different options and bought a good mid-range one. It's HD, has 8 GB of internal memory but we might buy a memory card for it also, a great zoom, and is extremely easy to operate. It's black and slim and I love it! It should be a good first camcorder for our family and will more than meet our needs. I'm sure I'll go crazy with it when we have children. Every little thing will be just too adorable not to record! I'm thankful that we've been blessed with funds to be able to purchase nice quality things like that when we need/want to. We've had a wonderful life.

We came home. I took a nap. Read some more out of my books for my book review due next week and finished my homework assignments for this week. Turned them in and felt free. Made tacos for dinner. Watched a few more episodes of Boy Meets World with the husband. And settled in for some more reading. The book review should be an easy assignment. I'm not worried about it. The book itself is informative, but boring. Isn't that how it always is? I wish I could've done my MA in English. I wanted to. It's a residential only program so it would've taken me much longer to finish and who knows what my work schedule would have looked like. Sigh. This is much easier and will still be useful in the long run.

It has been a very good day. Productive and fun and spent entirely with my husband. I have been just so blessed. It's funny because watching Boy Meets World, I feel like Matt and I have a lot in common with Cory and Topanga. No we haven't been together our entire lives and no we didn't do a lot of the same things they have, but we are perfect for each other. In every single way. Even in the ways we think we're not, it just works. Funny how that happens. If you would have told me in junior high when I was all crazy crushing on Jon Winkel that I would end up in love with his best friend, Matt Iveson... yeah, I don't know about that! On the one hand, I pretty much had a crush on any good looking guy in our school so it wouldn't be that unbelievable. But on the other hand, I never paid much attention to Matt until tat one day. And then wham! He was there, I was there, we fell in love, it just took a little while for all the kinks to work out. And here we are. Happily married. Living our life. And following God's lead, which is taking us where we never thought we'd end up. What a blessing.

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