Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The daily growth

Some people don't feel it necessary to spend time one on one with the Lord every day. I admit, there are definitely times when I skip my devotions because I'm too tired or I have to finish an assignment or this is my favorite episode! Something silly and pointless like that. I've been around for 23 years and you'd think by now I would realize that it's mostly hurting me to miss out of my devos. I don't have the same focus throughout the day. I don't have the joy of the Lord. I don't have a positive attitude. And I find myself fading fast. There are also times when I just can't seem to study the Bible enough! When you think about the stories and the actual history there... it's incredible! The books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles are amazing. So much history. I have recently become much more interested in history but for some reason it just can't stick in my head. I actually asked Matt "We don't like FDR, right? But you have to like him a little, the polio and all..." That's how much I know about history. Well, it's the same way with a lot of the historical stories in the Bible. Sure, I remember the major ones that are told to children in Sunday school, but the smaller characters in the Old Testament tend to get sidestepped. Which is a shame because their stories are incredible. You would think I would never tire of reading them. Why then do I become so self involved that I am not able to spend a quiet time with my Lord each and every day? He is the very reason for my existence! Every moment should be spent living for Him completely and being a witness for His glory, but how can I be a light when I am not filling myself with light? I have been convicted of this recently. I am currently reading the book of Matthew. Please pray I do not get so easily distracted.

I have been incredibly tired for the past two weeks with no let up. It is extremely annoying. I fade fast at work and literally have to fight to keep my eyelids open. You know when you have spring allergies and your eyes puff up? That's what it feels like. It's not allergies though. I don't know what it is. But whatever it is, this exhaustion has got to go! I fade at work and it's so difficult to think straight. I have found myself writing nonsense to student in emails, thank goodness I proof read before sending. I have mixed up the talking points for registration and started with one and ended with another and completely confused the students. I come home and feel so out of sorts and just ready for bed. My friends want to go yard saling on Saturday, but I think it would be best for me to sleep in until i can't possible sleep any more! Another prayer request: for this weakness to subside. Yes, many (practically everyone) has said the "B" word... while we can all hope and pray, I do not think that is it. It would make life so much simpler and enjoyable if it were though. Yes, I know that doesn't exactly make sense, but for Matt and I it certainly would!

At this time we are pushing forward with the Marines as the end goal! All is coming together. God has been teaching us a lot the past month and a half and it has only strengthened us individually and together. He really needed to get our attention about some things and when God wants your attention there's no other focal point available. We continue to grow, be encouraged, and be amazed.

The fleas are finally few and far between! Hooray! I was probably expecting too much for the frontline to kill every single flea in the house in one week. It isn't even time to administer the second round of frontline to the cats yet and we only have a couple fleas per cat here and there. Definitely a blessing. We will keep administering frontline for the next six months at least. Possibly for the rest of their kitty lives since fleas are gross! Plus bed bugs are supposed to be EVERYWHERE soon. Apparently there's not way to keep them from getting in your house and it's hard to get rid of them. There's nothing to do to prevent it. Sigh.

We finally watched the episode of Boy Meets World with the killer in the High School. I had been waiting and waiting to get to that episode! Although, getting there was very sad. I don't remember Cory cheating on Topanga at all. That was a very emotional set of episodes. I didn't cry because Matt made fun of me when I cried when Topanga moved away, but I definitely could have. This is a great show.

The end. good night. love.

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