Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My life= wifing, kittens, homework, sanity

Hello. My name is Becca Iveson and I am working to a deadline.

I am supposed to be preparing my slideshow to go alongside my interpersonal communication project. I think I have subconsciously decided to prepare all my information today and then do the actual filming tomorrow. Upload the video either tomorrow or Thursday and call it good by the due date on Friday. The plan now is to accomplish all this today. I have been working all morning/afternoon on compiling my information and entering it into the slideshow. I don't think I feel up to filming myself tonight. We shall see how it turns out. It would be nice to have this entire project behind me once and for all. After this project the class will be over. Finite. Done. And I will hopefully have one more A towards my goal of a 4.0 in my Master's.

Matthew and I both have today off from work. I enjoy having a day off with him, but that also means I have to work on Saturday. Stink. At least it's a short day.

My kittens are adorable. One is sprawled out sleeping on the floor in the hall. The other is curled up in a ball between the door to the office and the wall. I'm sure those positions are comfortable enough for kittens as we have carpet. I wonder why they chose those spots instead of the couches, the piles of blankets all over, or the comforter that is currently living over one of the dining room chairs. Mystery. They are adorable though, and I love them.

Matt wanted to go shooting today but I was stressed enough as it is without taking three hours out of the day to drive to Roanoke, shoot, and drive back. To make it up to him we're going to a Japanese restaurant he's been wanting to visit. I might treat him to a movie as well. Maybe we'll go out, maybe we'll rent a redbox and view it at home, maybe we'll watch one we already own and haven't seen in awhile. Either way, I'll be sure to spend some time with him. We rarely get a day off together as I work during the week a varied schedule, he works evenings and most weekends, and our life so far has been scheduled meetings and dates. Sigh, but it has been wonderful. I love my husband, I do.

16 more slides to complete. Then to write up so note cards for my benefit while going through the slides. If I get all that done in the next hour (which I should) then perhaps I'll go ahead and film myself. I probably should do a "rough draft" run through. To see if i can even figure out how to do all this. Homework homework homework. Grad school was a bad idea. But when it's free you take it, right?

It feels like the weekend. Kind of unfair since it's not even the middle of the week yet. Tomorrow will seem like Monday though, so the fact that it's Wednesday might make up for the weekend-ish feeling I have today. And after this weekend I won't have to work another weekend for four weeks. Maybe by then the office will decide we can be closed on weekends. Probably not. Hasn't happened yet. Sigh.

Back to the slideshow.

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