Sunday, October 10, 2010

beautiful Saturday

Today was a beautiful Saturday! I woke up mid morning and spent some time getting ready for the day. I used my wedding makeup and decided that maybe purple eyeshadow will become a regular in my beauty routine once again. I french braided my hair (which was the whole reason for chopping out all my short layers) and feel like a good french braid is a perfect complement to a fall day. Even though it was warm today I pulled out my favorite coral scarf and was ready to go.

I headed downtown to meet up with my wonderful friend, Danielle and her baby child, Elijah. We walked through the market and found one of the joys of Lynchburg. We strolled through the downtown shops. I found a beautiful pair of flower earrings that are my new favorites. I should really stop being lazy and load pictures onto my computer. The earrings are beautiful, antique gold, and have little diamonds in the middle. They are dangly and lovely.

I came home and read some for my homework. Made some eggs for lunch and then Matthew and I took naps. Saturdays are exhausting sometimes! When I nap it tends to be for several hours. I'm nothing if not a good sleeper! I pray my future children have that gift/talent as well. What a blessing to mommy that would be.

I awoke, Matthew made dinner (steak, rice, and corn), and we watched some episodes of Boy Meets World. Cory and Topanga's wedding and honeymoooon. Funny. I then settled in and read some more for my homework. Matthew was busy with Halo Reach. Did I mention that we just spent $400 on a XBOX 360 Halo Reach limited edition? Good grief. At least he's getting a lot of use out of it, I suppose.
I got on the computer and did three of my four assignments for the week. I also tried to remind my professor once again that he gave me someone else's grade for the assignment for week one of class. If it's not fixed by next week I may have to petition the grade. When you pull up your grades you are your original assignment, the assignment again with your professors notes, and your grade. Well, there was my assignment as I turned it in, but the one my professor loaded for my grade was different. I don't want that other person's 90. I want the 100 I know I deserved on that assignment. It was just finding 7 articles. Easy.

Matthew and I talked some after that. I'm truly blessed that he has the gift of counseling. Though he is not pursuing that career any longer, he is still very gifted in it. I have some self esteem issues and he is so patient with me and helps me resolve those. He is such a wonderful husband and always makes me feel so much better.

I'm finishing up my last chapter of reading right now and will take my final exam tomorrow for my class. I guess since it's after midnight I'll be taking it today. This is my final exam and then all I have to do is finish my final project. Then one more graduate class done! I'm not worried about this test. I got a 97 on the midterm. The final project should be fine too. It must be 20 or less slides on powerpoint and a 10 minute or less presentation that I get to use my new video camera for! I am to describe my personality and communication habits from assessments taken, how I can improve based on specific areas of our class readings, and other communication issues I know I will have difficulty with. Simple. All personal. Hopefully I'll pull out another 100.

Ugh. Bed time. Even with a nap today I still feel exhausted. Plus my pain in the back of my head is back. Not fun. Sigh.

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