Thursday, October 07, 2010

bullying and salt

I read and article in my textbook about bullying the other day. This morning on the radio they were talking about bullying. It was a serious discussion which is abnormal for my morning talk show. Bullying is a serious issue and it is difficult to prevent. Awareness is rising in schools, but it is really up to the parents to maintain the zero tolerance policies. Stories about bullying are so sad and children are starting to contemplate, attempt, and commit suicide over this issue. That should not be. Children need support and need to know their true worth, regardless of the bullies. Everyone has a bully in their life. Everyone is bullied and bullies others. It's a viscous cycle (viscous looks wrong but that's what the blackberry entered it as) that needs to be addressed. If you see an act of bullying (at any age) there is often little you can do to stop the bully. You may try, but be sure to go alongside the bullied and assure them of their value. Befriend them. Stand up for them. Talk to them. Make a difference.

I went and saw Salt tonight at the dollar theater with my girlfriends. I didn't know much about it before except that Angelina Jolie was in it. Before going I was told that I wouldn't figure it out. I think I watch too many movies. After we're introduced to the characters I thought that the partner was the actual assassin and he was setting Salt up. When the Russian president was "killed" I was sure it was the spider venom. I was positive that Salt was in love and love is a powerful thing. I did not think she was actually raised assassin until they showed her memories though. I knew she would end up on top though. Good movie. Don't think I'll need to see it again. But I figured the main surprises out. That's a disappointment. Much the same as Shutter Island. I probably just watch too many movies so figure out the plots. Maybe that's why I liked Inception so much. It was different. Not really a plot you needed to guess about, but it was just different. I like that.

A little while ago I had made a list of male celebrities I would not turn down a meeting with. I need to adjust that list. I forgot one very important player! (in my game of life, not player as in boy toy) Enter Jason Statham. How could I forget? He is extemely handsome, beautiful actually, rugged, a good bad guy, and I could listen to him talk for hours. I think I can bump Harrison Ford off the list. While he remains one of my favorite actors (possibly the favorite), the purpose of this list is also celebrities we find attractive. It's silly and it's a notion from Friends... But Matt and I talk about it. More so me. So Jason Statham, Ewan Mcgegor, David Beckham, James Mcavoy, and Josh Holloway. Well, Owen Wilson. Hmmm. He might replace James Mcavoy. And Jonathan Crombie... He's in the running. Ugh. I guess at this point in time I would revise the list to Jason Statham, Ewan Mcgregor, Owen Wilson, Josh Holloway, and Jonathan Crombie. For now. Subject to change.

Hubband's home. I should have gone to bed at 10. Stink. I'm going to be tired tomorrow!

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