Thursday, September 09, 2010

Over It

I'm very over headaches. For those of you who don't me well, I've had terrible headaches pretty much since the beginning of time (sidenote: Liberty has some funny little quirks you'll notice if you work there... for instance: in our cataloging program you need to choose school years to see information. No big deal, right? Well, the last one states "The end of time". Dramatic. I went to check my personal student records today. Fall 2005, Spring 2006... and one that stated "The beginning of time". I selected that option. Not exciting. Fail on Liberty's record keeping! I don't think what I saw was actually the beginning of time. Why bother?). I have always had horrible motion sickness and I am very sensitive to bright lights. I had migraine medicine for awhile and it didn't do nada. For the past few years (I haven't bothered to keep track) I've had a very specific pain in the back of my head. It's towards the lower skull and on the left side. When it flares up it's like death. Seriously, today I partly wished I would just keel over dead and be done with it. It's torture. In Mission Impossible 3 when that Felicity girl's head explodes... that's what I imagine is going on in my head! And nothing helps. No amount of water, no pain meds, nothing. Matthew thinks it's time for a CT scan. So we're off to try to find a good family physician and then schedule a scan. Hopefully there's nothing serious. Although, I do hope they find something so I'm not just crazy and I shouldn't even feel these twinges of pain. Either way, I'm very over this whole headache thing. I blame Eve. No, better yet, I blame Satan. Curse you Lucifer! I bet he feels real good about himself right about now. Oh well, in the end he loses.

The worst part about these headaches is that I have the stare at a computer screen all day for work. I should just sleep and close my eyes. But I have to work out student issues and stare at the computer instead. Yes, I am in front of the computer right now, but that is because I also have to finish my homework. I have one more week left of "easy street" then whammy! Two classes for the next four weeks! Then I have a slight break when I have just one course for one week. Then two classes for three more weeks! Then one course for five more weeks. Then a month for Christmas. I am crazy. I just want a break. A nice break from life. A good two month long coma should do it. Han Solo in carbonite (is that what is was? Something like that and I'm too lazy to look it up. That's what it sounds like... it's made up either way) kind of coma.

Speaking of Han Solo, even though he's getting on in years, Harrison Ford is still and always will be a fox. He has to be one of the manliest actors of all time. I mean, you have cowboy men like Clint Eastwood and GI Joe men like Sylvester Stallone, but Ford was Indiana Jones and Han Solo! In my opinion, you really can't beat that! A close second would be Christian Bale. He's an all around manly actor and he was in Newsies, so that gives him bonus points in my book. He loses some of that bonus by being in American Psycho though. If you haven't watched that DON'T! Now that I said that you'll go out and watch it. Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Hmmm... Matt and I have toyed with the idea of the celebrity cheat sheet. Not in reality of course, because that would be strange. Let's see, Matt's would include Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansen, Hilary Duff... hmmm, I don't know if there would be a fifth. Mine... I always forget people I really like. Let's see... Harrison Ford, Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, maybe Josh Holloway? Yeah, I think that's a good representation. The only thing is... all those actors are at least 10 years my senior. That's creepy. Oh well, it's not like anything would actually happen! Oh wait! I forgot... have to add David Beckham to that list. If I ever met any of the above I would probably be some kind of freak though. I think I was actually at the same resort as the Beckham's once and was too chicken to get closer to see if it was them and ask for a picture/autograph. It's probably best that I didn't go for a closer look. They're hard to mistake though!

Yes, that is my materialistic portion of this blog. It should last me a good few months before I post anything like that again. On another note: my dad has been texting me pictures of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter today. Sigh. There's a nice picture of my mom in front of the Three Broomsticks holding a Butter Beer. I told them to drink some for me and my mother's response was "I won't be drinking any kind of beer!" She changed her mind when I told her it wasn't alcoholic and was supposed to be heavenly. I can't believe they're there right now. They don't even like Harry Potter.

Maxie got good and fixed on Tuesday. Emily was so happy all day while he was gone at the vet's. She was just like she used to be. It was so wonderful. I brought him home. She walked right up to him, sniffed his nose, and promptly hissed in his face! Bad kitty! She then chased him around the house and batted at him with her claws. He was still a little drugged up so he didn't mind too much. It makes me sad to know that she truly does not like him and wishes he went away forever. Too bad I love him too. I love Emily, but she just has to get used to the fact that we are a two-cat household! Maxie has been healing well so far. He is still pretty sleepy. He is such a good little kitten.

Matthew hasn't had pain in his legs/knees/ankles for his past couple of runs. Definitely an answer to prayer. God is good and has a great plan for our future.

I am unbelievable tired and feel like puking a little. I hate my head. I suppose I should go to bed.

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