Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Smart Water

I buy into advertisements. Big Time. I almost applied to a college in Colorado because in the brochure they had adorable pink sweatshirts! I had no idea about the college and naturally know no one in Colorado. Well, now I do... but six years ago I didn't. But yes, Jennifer Aniston is the face for smart water. So... I buy it. Serious. I'm pathetic. Ah well.

So I bought this baby book and told my sister I bought it and she says "Are you trying to tell me something!?!?!?!" Too bad I wasn't. Not quite yet, but I bought a baby book to get "prepped". I bought "What to Expect Before You're Expecting" and my friend bought me "What to Expect When You're Expecting"! haha. So I should be all set when the time comes. It is so informative about everything imaginable. Thankfully, I don't have much to change (so far) to get baby ready. I don't smoke, drink rarely, and have the optimal BMI (even though I think I should lose 15 pounds). So far so good. My diet is pretty good so that's all set. Still a lot to learn though. I'm very excited for this next stage in our life! Even if something happens and we go through the adoption process, I am just so excited! Since I am adopted and my nephew and nieces are adopted, I feel like I am more "ok" with the idea than a lot of people. I would be sad if there was an issue and I was unable to carry my own child, but I don't feel like I would mourn the loss like some do. I have experienced how adopted families are just as blessed as biological families and sometimes even more, in it's own ways. I am just excited to be a "mommy" and see Matt as a "daddy". When I told my mom and sister which books I got they both said they had the same books! So funny. My sister said I could have just taken hers... but since I won't see her until December I wouldn't have wanted to wait. It's so much fun to read about all this now! But I can't believe my mom used the same book! That's so funny!

Since last night I worked until 9 pm, today is making up for it. I am off at 4:45! That means enough time for the hubband and I to have a yummy dinner together, do something fun (possibly go shopping?), and watch some Boy Meets World together. We watched the episode where Cory and Topanga get back together at Disney World. Matt then thought that our babymoon should be to Disney World. Now I'm not positive we'll even have a babymoon, that's still being figured into the budget, but Disney World? I'd rather wait for when our kids can go too someday! But he did make a good point... Harry Potter. My parents are going to the parks in a week or so. I'll see what they think. They bought the entire Harry Potter movie series on Blu ray so they can be familiar with the world before they go to the park! I'm jealous. I admit it!

The end.

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