Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School Blues

I never should have taken so much time off between undergrad and grad. I should have worked harder to find a job at Liberty when I was first graduated. Now I know a little more about "the fear". Thankfully I don't have to worry about "the fear" anymore... and hopefully never again. I am thankful for my job now. I know God's timing is best also. Life would have been very different if I had taken the first job offered to me at Liberty instead of waiting. I wouldn't have worked at St. John's and met all those wonderful kids. I wouldn't have met my amazing group of ladies who are such a support system to me. I wouldn't have had a break from school to appreciate it, even though I'm over it. Matt probably would be mostly through with his Masters and he may not have been so sure about going into the Military. And all around life would have been very different indeed. Yes, God's way was best.

Finished two out of three assignments for this week. Just my exam left. I will take it tomorrow. Maybe sometime Sunday afternoon. Boo on exams. It most likely will not be difficult. I hope. I just need to take my time and focus on the questions and not make stupid mistakes. I definitely know the information. It's not a difficult class. And it's open book. So I just need to be patient and double check my answers.

Next week I have a light week and I'm going to try to finish reading and writing my book review for my current class even though it isn't due yet. Then the week after that class number two begins. Oh joy. Crazy. That's what I am.

I haven't eaten any dinner tonight. I didn't eat all my lunch either. I just wasn't very hungry. I'm still not. But I should find something to eat or I'll be starving tomorrow. I have to work from 10-6 tomorrow. My one Saturday a month. But at least I have a special project to work on! Hopefully it'll all go quickly.

Good night chil'len.

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