Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm watching Zoolander and wondering about these funny men. Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell. They do a lot of films together. Are they really friends in real life? Do they get along? Are they like brothers? In the way that black people are? (that's from Zoolander, not myself) Or do they merely put up with each other because the industry demands it?

I like Owen Wilson. And Luke Wilson. I wonder if the third Wilson brother is as fine. Matt and I watched (and bought) Behind Enemy Lines the other day. Owen Wilson. Yup.

I chopped all my hair off. Well, not really. But I did cut all the layers off. It's still considered "long" but short for me. Past my shoulders though. It's lighter, but I think it makes me look like I'm in high school. I'm glad it's all one length now though. I'm sick of layers. I'll grow it out a few more inches and call it good.

Either the fleas bit up my legs real good before the xenocide, or I'm getting bit insanely by mosquitoes! My poor legs. They itch itch itch. And I have no self control! I never have. It's miserable. Hydrocortizone does not work. Nothing works. Itch itch itch. I can't wait for fall! Late fall when all the bugs are dead.

On a good note: I've only found dead fleas on the cats so far. I haven't seen any of the little flea wormy babies. Yay! Success!
I have to work tomorrow. Saturday. Nasty! We only have to work every 4th Saturday now. That's better. Our students survived all of July with us being closed on Saturdays, I think we should make that permanent.

The end.

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