Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Done and Done

Fleas. House. Cats.

Done and Done!

Yesterday was quite the adventure. We began the day early by bathing both cats with the new flea killing shampoo! Not positive if it was actually as effective as it was projected to be, but it did help. Once they were dry we took them to the vet. There they got all the shots they needed and Maxie was tested for feline leukemia and FIV... he was NEGATIVE! Yay! The vet had a flea comb (which I will be purchasing to check them... daily!) and only found a few live fleas on either cat. The shampoo helped a little! Then gave them a tablet that killed any further live fleas that had made it past everything else. We put frontline on both of them and that should keep them flea-less from this point forward. We then left then at the vet's while we cleaned the entire house. First we had to vacuum the entire house. Then put down this powder on the carpet and push it into the carpet with a broom and spray the furniture. Leave it set for about an hour. Then vacuum up the remainder of the powder once again. Yes, that was quite the project. Moving into a bigger place seemed like a poor choice at this point! Plus, in our old place we had no carpet, just hard wood floors. But apparently it would've been a more difficult process without carpets... somehow. So we cleaned everything and it smelled like lemons. Fresh. Not necessarily good though, you know how cleaning supplies smell. We then ran to pick up the kittens who could not wait to come home.

Side note: Before taking the cats to the vet we ran to Petsmart to pick up a second kitty carrier for Maxie. On the way there I held Maxie on my lap. I smell something horrible and I freak out thinking he was pooping on me! Nope. Emily pooped all over her carrier. While I was in the store buying carrier number 2, Matthew was cleaning up the number 2 in the carrier! Gross. Poor Emily. Not fun.

The kittens got home and were so happy to be back and to be free. I combed through their fur and only found dead fleas. Yay! Hopefully that is the end of the flea war. Xenocide in our house. (I am still reading Xenocide... such a great book. Orson Scott Card is amazing. I am so glad he wrote so many books! Lots more Ender and Bean to come!)

Today I am back at work. It hasn't been bad. While I do not necessarily enjoy my actual job, there are many more less enjoyable things out there I could be doing. It pays well (for our needs) and my education is free. What more can I ask for? I just have to keep a positive and thankful attitude. God is good. I have a job. My husband has a job. And even though our plans have changed drastically in regards to our future we have still been blessed beyond words. Confirmation in every way.

Lunch break almost over. I am going to go home. Pet the kittens. Do some pilates. Have grilled cheese for dinner. Peach Ice Cream for dessert. And read Xenocide all night long. It is amazing.

Happy Hump Day!

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