Saturday, August 07, 2010

Better Birthday Thoughts

I have come down from my melt down cloud. I was very emotional earlier about the whole "fleas" incident. It bothered me that my poor little kitten had fleas and they were disgusting and all over him. It bothered me that maybe that is why my once gorgeous black kitty, Emily, now has large clumps of fur missing and her whole belly area is almost bald. It bothered me that I would have to use my one day off for the month to move all our furniture and most of our belongings, vacuum the carpets, wash the carpets, and then vacuum again. It bothered me that this "should" work and we will be rid of fleas forever since our kittens are inside cats... "should". It bothered me to find out that a reputable pet store would knowingly sell kittens who had fleas and kitten leukemia. It bothered me that I was so alone and stressed on my birthday.

Several hours later... I am feeling much more positive. Our house could probably use such a thorough cleaning. It will be VERY clean once I am finished. I keep our house pretty clean anyways, but the carpet getting cleaned three times in one day? Not even Monica Geller is that clean (FRIENDS). I am thankful we found this out now instead of when it would be 1 million times worse. At least the fleas are only on the cats and their eggs and larvae are scattered around the house. I've looked pretty thoroughly and have not found a single flea off the cats. I am very thankful for such an understanding and helpful woman at Petsmart who had experience with fleas and cleaning houses to rid of them. She was knowledgeable, efficient, did not try to sell me the most expensive stuff but only the best stuff, and made sure I had all the information I needed. I plan to write a letter to Petsmart about her, hopefully get her a bonus or at a least a "Star of the Month" award. It is my birthday, I need to be a little happier.

My grandma sent me a birthday card as always. I have wonderful grandparents. My mother's card came in the mail as well. She sent some gift cards, some of my favorite cherry candies I can't find down here in Lynchburg, and a charm bracelet with a charm of a kitten on one side and "Emily & Max" engraved on the other. Kind of cheesy, but still cute. Plus, I really love the look of the bracelet if you can't see the cat. I liked engraved things. This isn't her official gift. I tricked her into telling me that my real gift is a knife block from Cutco! Yay! No more cheap knives that bend when I try to cut a melon! She also bought me the full series of Boy Meets World on ebay! We know that the last few seasons were never made on DVD, but this is the next best things. I cannot wait to receive them. I will probably buy the new seasons once they official come out. Good birthday presents. I also got to talk to my whole family via skype! They were all at my parents house. The kids thought Skype was so cool. Brookie is so adorable! I can't believe she is almost 1 year old and i still haven't met her! I am a bad aunt. I love my family, they are amazing. My husband's birthday present to me is the Anne of Green Gables movies I bought a little bit ago. He also bought me season 8 of Full House. I like TV show DVDS better than movies. We were going to try to find something else, but with this flea epidemic... it's going to cost a lot with vet bills and all the flea killing stuff I bought. I don't really need anything else. I'm actually pretty content right now with life, minus fleas. A good place to be.

So I am having a much better birthday than I was a few hours ago. Nothing special. I went to lunch with my husband. Had a meltdown about fleas. Picked over 20 fleas off my kitten. Cried a little by myself. Did my homework assignment for the week and took my quiz, one last assignment to do tomorrow for the week. And am now going to watch some Full House until Matthew comes home. Nothing big. Tomorrow we'll probably go out to dinner or something more fancy. But it was actually a good birthday. A lot got done in my mind, if that makes sense.

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