Monday, August 23, 2010

Autumn Autumn all around...

Autumn is just around the corner! So excited! I love love love autumn! I love the clothes, the feel, the crunching of the leaves. Unfortunately, autumn in Lynchburg is a very short season. And who knows how much longer Summer will be here. It has been entirely too long of a summer. I say come September, the temperature needs to drastically drop. I think... 60's would be nice. I would actually prefer 50's, but I know most other people who hate that. I cannot wait for Autumn!

On another note: Autumn means students. Lots of lots of students. Oh dear. I have to park in the boonies again... and there is always crowds in the hallways. It takes me a full extra minute on my restroom breaks... which is a big deal when you are literally tracked how long you are in the bathroom each day! Boo on students being back on campus! But that also means that convocation will start back up. And I do enjoy convocation. So that's one good thing about student's being back. I almost, almost miss college! Almost.

One more graduate class is done. Over. Finite. Unless I completely bombed the research paper (which I highly doubt), then I'll get another A. Woot. That class ended yesterday. My next class began today. No break. Boo hoo. But I think I'm really going to enjoy this next class. It's all about Interpersonal Communication. Our first assignment was about the DISC behavioral blend. Thankfully my dear friend, Kristin, taught our whole leadership team this when we were on a hall on campus! I already knew I was a S/C, but I still took the quiz to be sure. Yup, still a S/C. I do have to purchase a video camera for this class for my final project... but since I've been wanting a video camera for a long time this is a nice excuse! Thankfully, Matt and I have the funding to purchase things like that if we want/need to. We're going to get a real nice Canon camcorder. One that will be used with the kiddos. There are three models that we are looking at. Essentially the same thing... but each go up a couple hundred dollars in price. So we want to know what the extra $$$ is for. I want something nice, but not more expensive than necessary.

Today has been a surprisingly pleasant day of work. I was very tired after not having slept well and feeling kind of stressed because of finishing up my last class all weekend and trying to clean the house. But today has been going well so far. Watch, I just jinxed myself and the last 2 hours will be horrible!

The end for now.

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