Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend, rain, homework

Oh how I love the weekend. I'm getting the laundry done and it will get put away today! I still have two whole dark loads to put away from last week... and the week before. A testament to how many clothes Matthew and I own. At least we are well dressed, for the most part. Our under garments need to be cleaned more regularly, but in the pants and shirt department we can go quite awhile without having to put away clothes. I do not like the clutter. I also plan to give the house a good scrubbing and vacuuming. The dishes will be done and put away (have I mentioned how much I love having a dishwasher?), the cats' area will be cleaned and organized, and everything will be beautiful and put together. Sigh. And this is how I relax on weekends! I sleep in (until 9:30 and then I lay in bed petting my kittens), make a delicious and healthy breakfast since I don't have time during the week, take a long and warm shower, don't put any makeup on unless we decide to go out (which I'm hoping we do tonight), clean the house from the week's clutter, and finish my homework assignments. Of course, I get some personal reading in as well and usually watch a movie or something. Playing with my kittens is a weekend must. And this weekend includes some extensive research on those life altering decisions we have been trying to make.

I was planning on sitting out at the pool for awhile today. I haven't gone down to the pool once yet. I know, it's a crime. But it would be raining (I can't believe they cut that line out of the movie, it's so classic). So I am cooped up inside and finishing my homework with a kitten on my lap, like a good little girl. I suppose it's good that I'm getting this done now instead of procrastinating. I have procrastinated all week! I have a quiz this week (which I've only read half a chapter for. Matt took the book to work so I'll read the other 1.5 chapters tonight or tomorrow and take the quiz), I had to write a short paper comparing two codes of ethics for counselors (done), and I had to find five more research articles for my paper (I found 1 more than necessary last week so I only needed 4 more... I found 8 more! good grief!). So now I am working on adding my new articles to my reference page so I can turn it in. I've always been good at school and enjoyed it, but it seems like my classes so far have been far too easy. My semester for the fall will be a little more busy since I'll have 7 weeks with two classes instead of just one at a time with a slight 2 week overlap... but the classes themselves still look rather easy. I may have chosen the wrong program, but it's what I need for what I want to do. Some people don't do well in the classes. Maybe I'm just blessed. I have found my niche and calling and I am talented in that field.

My research paper is on blended families. Half my articles are specifically on blended families, some on stepchildren and relationships, and then a few on second marriage relationships. Now, I don't have any frame of personal reference regarding divorce or step families, but hopefully this will be interesting.

I suppose I should finish updating my reference page so I can go put away the laundry. I don't know why I hate doing it so much. It only take about 2 minutes.

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