Thursday, July 15, 2010


I need to take care of my body. While I still fit into all my clothes, some of them are not so attractive. I've just been overly lazy. Way lazy. I'm watching the half blood prince right now. That's how lazy I am. Maybe I'll busy out some crunches and jumping jacks while I'm relaxing.

I also need to stop being selfish about baby time and think about what's best. Matthew and I are on the same page, but I think I may have convinced him to my opinions by whining. Oh dearie me.

I also haven't put away the dark load of laundry for the past two weeks! The white got folded and put away but the darks are piled up in the basket on our bedroom floor. I suppose we haven't had issues with that so far. I'll be able to clean the house good this weekend since I won't be tensed from homework.

I also have a lot of work to do on the house to get it decorated. I still haven't gotten new prints for my frames. I haven't bought all the wall decor I want. I haven't hung any of our large pictures. Our bedroom is so boring! I know exactly what I was to do but just haven't done it. Lazy.

I also bought a new pair of sunglasses. I thought they were cute in the store. They're two tone, black streak on top and this brown-copper on bottom. I don't think I like that. I thought they were cats eyes, but they are slightly more square. But they do fit my face well, they're light weight, and they're Calvin Klein. I should not go shopping when I'm bored.

I haven't done any homework this week. I have one quiz, I have to find five more research articles to use and draft my reference page, and compare two codes of ethics. I'm thinking Saturday morning I'll take care of that. Short assignments. I did poorly on my first quiz but my grade is now back up to a 97 in that class. Hopefully I can keep it there.

So I'm watching Harry Potter. I want a pigmy puff! But the kitties would probably eat him. They would eat each other if they could. Anyways, whenever the 20th century Fox music plays at the beginning of a movie I expect the Star Wars theme to come right after it. It goes together. The same with Warner Bros. And the Friends theme. Funny how that is.

It is unbearably hot. I want to move to Canada! Not really, but kinda. Anne of Green Gables made it look mighty fine! But that might have been Jonathan Crombie. He was in several productions in Stratford! I wonder if he still works the circuit. Matt and I have thought about going to stratford for some plays. It would be amazing to see him. Maybe meet him? I think I'd be able to keep my head if I met most celebrities, but I don't know with him. Since that's the only thing I've ever seen him in he seems so pure. The epitome of romance and love. It's a good thing I found Matt or I might have held out for Gil to come waltz me around the field. But Matthew is pretty handsome, and wonderful, and lovely, and adoring, and caring, and... Perfect.

I have a kitten curled up on my legs. The other is sitting on the TV stand right in front of the screen. Silly kitties.

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