Thursday, July 22, 2010

crick in the neck

Not only do I have a crick in my neck (which isn't anything new. I always have something wrong with my neck... Sometimes I seriously worry there is something permanently wrong back there) but this entire day feels like one giant crick in the neck. Work was work. Definitely not the worst job in the world. Definitely not the worst job I've had. But still not necessarily enjoyable. A means to an end. At least it pays "well". It may not be a lot to worldly standards, but more than enough for two newlyweds with no debt.

I come home from my average day at work to find that my cats have peed all over the pile of scarves and bathing suits in my closet. When we buy a new dresser those were going to take up an entire drawer. But now they are ruined. Well, I tried to wash some of them. I think some can't be washed and will shrink, some will always smell like urine, and the rest I may not be able to wear simply because I know they were peed on. I guess most of them I should get rid of anyways. Matt says we'll just buy new scarves for me when winter comes. What a waste. I can't tell which cat did it either so I can't punish them.

Matthew keeps going back and forth between military branches. Yup, that's our big decision. I was going to keep it quite until we made a decision, but then he posted it on facebook. More public than this blog. Well, he's been batting around the idea of the air force, army, or marines. There are good points in each so it's really balancing the costs and benefits. I have always been a huge fan of the marines, but I actually think my top choice would be the air force. I've been talking to some people at work with immediate family in the military and a navy vet I work with. They have said that the air force is the most family friendly. Plus there are some good positions I think Matt would do great in. He would have to work hard to get where he wants to end up, but that would be true for any of the branches. I think I'm becoming more used to the idea of becoming a military wife, I just wish it would be extremely obvious which branch we were supposed to join. It's changing our entire future. I guess if Matt eventually wanted to get his doctorate and become a military psychologist, then the army would be the way to go. But if he wants to work in intelligence for his career then I like the air force. I just have always had a deep respect for marines. I would be so proud of him if he was in the marines, but then he would have a higher chance of ending up in a dangerous position. Much more involved.

Big decisions. I'm crabby because my clothes are ruined. I'm crabby because this weekend all I'll have time to do is homework. I'm crabby because my friend Danielle is going to have her baby soon (hopefully this week) and I have none.

But I do have a kitten asleep on my lap. That helps a little.

Please keep us in you prayers. We have so many decisions to make. If you have any advice on the military, please feel free to email me. You can select the letter icon to do so or look it up on facebook. If we're not facebook friends then I probably don't know you. I don't talk to strangers on the internet. I rarely talk to my friends on the internet.

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