Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Of disappointments, birthdays, and pains in my rear

This post isn't going to be nearly as pathetic as the title. It's actually going to be filled with amusing anecdotes, in my opinion.

Disappointments: First I thought my mom had found the full series of Boy Meets World for me on DVD and bought it for my birthday. But she didn't. Then I thought I found it. But I didn't. I was very disappointed... twice. Now if you look for the full series online you'll most likely find it on five discs in three packages. This is a reproduction of someone recording the shows from TV, editing the commercials out, and mass producing and selling them. They are all over. Definitely not legal, although they say it isn't under copyright law. I don't actually know if the last couple seasons were officially released in DVD format or not. But... rumor has it that Lions Gate bought out the rights and will be releasing seasons 1-3 in September and plan to release the others afterwards. I will be buying them as they release with high hopes that they continue through season 7. Yes, it may be corny... but I grew up with that show and I love it. Memories. I also love Full House (and own several seasons already), Scamper the Penguin, and Milo and Otis. Those are my favorite movies from my childhood and I own them all. But yes, I was rather disappointed today by that.

Birthdays: My 23rd birthday is coming up soon. I am at a complete loss for a wish list. There are certainly things I would like, but nothing that is pressing. Kind of a nice feeling. I of course, always want more books... but if we join the military it sure wouldn't be fun carting all my books around! But I don't want to get rid of any that I currently own and I still want so many more! I have been trying to be less materialistic and have turned down two coach purses my husband offered to buy for me. I know, I am growing! While I love both of those purses and have wanted one like them for quite some time, I realized that I could better use that money for other things. Not sure what right now, but certainly something more worthwhile than a purse? I actually need to sell some of the purses I currently have. If you would like a Coach, Kate Spade, or Louis Vuitton purse let me know. Some of them were gifts and I'm not sure if they're authentic of not, but you can't tell at all if they aren't. Some of them are worn, but not in bad condition at all. I just don't use them anymore. Part of my wants to give them to goodwill, but I could at least make a little (if not large) profit on them. I think I'm honestly just too lazy.

Pains in my rear: While I do currently have a sleeping kitten sprawled across my lap, one of my cats (not positive which, but pretty sure it was Emily bunny) urinated all over my piles of scarves and swim suits in our closet! We are going to buy a new dresser sometime and those were waiting for a drawer to become home. I went to find something in the pile and the smell, oh the smell! Only a few things were truly soiled but the smell was in some of the others. Basically every swim suit I owned had to be thrown out and almost every scarf. Every winter scarf was thrown out and a couple pashminas survived since they were the farthest away from the stink. Sigh. My husband said he would buy me new swim suits and scarves, but still. At least I didn't use those things any longer, for the most part. My swim suits were all to small up top (yes, I'm apparently still growing!) and my scarves no longer matched my fabulous winter coat my husband gifted me. So I suppose it's ok. At least it wasn't on one of my dresses or something.

Second pain in rear: My feet have been hurting recently. Abnormally. Not sure why. I don't typically wear painful shoes. I have gotten too used to flats to wear my heels. My knuckle of my left big toe in particular has been ouching. Not pleasant. I don't know how to describe it, but it pretty much ruins my whole day! (well, the portion of it when I notice it at least)

Third pain in rear: Max attacks Emily and Emily is passive. She does not like being jumped on and Max doesn't mean to hurt her. He is so young that his claws are usually out all the time. So she has several patches of missing fur and scabbed over spots all over her neck now. Matt is furious. He would love to get rid of Max if I would let him. We both love Max when he's asleep. He always needs to be sleeping on our laps. He's adorable and snuggly, just what I wanted in a kitten. But I do not want him making Emily hurt or miserable. She is different than she used to be. She's had a rough patch lately. First we leave her alone for a whole week when we went to California. Then we moved when we got back and she had to get used to a new house. Then I brought home a new kitten which she was terrified of. Then the kitten started ti attack her and abuse her. She has to be in pain sometimes and she has a very pitiful mew now. It's very sad. Maybe we'll get Max declawed. Emily never used her claws on him.

That is all. I did homework assignment one for this week tonight. Two more to go for this week. This fall will be rough when my classes overlap. But if we go into the military so I leave my job sooner than expected (much sooner than expected), then I need to get in all the classes I can before then! So overlapping classes it is! And again in the spring. We'll see if I can do summer classes to finish my program, but by then I'll probably be back in Michigan so we would be paying for the classes ourselves. We'll see. So many decisions to make.


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