Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Moving On

Remember those changes that Matthew and I are making in our life plan? Oh God, how you just love to surprise me! I swear, He's up there listening to me when I tell people about how we're going to stay in Lynchburg to do our Master's, have baby number one, move back to Michigan, buy a beautiful house, Matt will start up a practice, and our kids will go to private school. Yup, He was listening all right. I also picture Him with a grin on His face and a chuckle in His throat. He has that look on His face that screams "little boy with a toad hiding behind his back". That's not irreverant is it? He's just sitting up there listening to all my planning thinking the whole time, "Just wait till you see what I have planned for you." I should just stop the planning thing and take each day as it comes. Well, there should be some planning I suppose. Not in the great detail I have previously done though. Sigh. Life can truly turn upside down. Some of the decisions we're making really caught up with me today. I was talking to some people at work about it and I almost started crying. That's not how I want to be. I want to positive and embrace the change. Yeah, I've never been a fan of change.

Maxie kitten is growing. He is still super light weight but now he is longer. He doesn't fit as well curled up on my lap. He's getting longer. It's also getting more difficult for Emily to pounce on him. But he's still a baby kitten and she is much more experienced. She is also the one missing a chunk of fur off her nose and that has little Maxie claw marks all over her neck from where he "hugs" her. Sigh. I hope she knows we still love her. She is the best kitty.

I am so tired. I didn't have to wake up horribly early this morning, but I didn't make any coffee. So I went through the day super tired. I proof read my paper again and Matt's before we turned them in. And now I am waiting for him to get home. Which he just did. Good night.

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