Saturday, July 10, 2010

Always more homework

It is finally Saturday. It is so sad to me that I now live for the weekends. I never used to be like this. I quite enjoyed the typical week and all its included activities. Now I cannot wait for the weekend to hit, to be lazy, and to rest. I miss working at the preschool, the wonderful children and their supportive parents, the good times, and seeing the least of these becoming little people! I still can't believe the amazing class God blessed me with last year. I am so blessed to have spent a month with them. I wish it could have been the whole school year. But like Matt says, we probably wouldn't be living here, we wouldn't have bought so much "junk" that we wanted throughout the year, and we wouldn't have Maxie kitten if I would have stayed working there. Costs and benefits.

I am finished with my first grad school class. I am pretty positive I will get an A. The last quiz I took last night was over three chapters. I read half of the first chapter and decided to wing it. Still got a 90 (it is a 10 questions quiz so I only got one wrong). Unless I completely bombed my research paper, then I will get a high A in the class. Even though I felt like it was an easy class, I feel accomplished. Especially because I know some people do not get A's in this same class. All the more confirmation that I'm in the right program. My second class is going well. Thankfully, all of my assignments for this week are due tomorrow night. Gave me plenty of time to finish out my first class since my research paper was due Wednesday and my quiz last night. I am finishing up the citations for my writing assignment and will turn that in shortly (I'm taking a quick break, with Maxie resting on my leg. He was a wonderful investment), I have found all of my research articles for my research paper and will plug them into the reference page and turn that in as well. Then all I have is my quiz to take. Matt and I are in the same class so he took the book with him to work today (he's working the evening shift instead of doing groups in the morning today). I read the first chapter we needed to and will read the second today when he gets back or tomorrow after Church. Then I will take that quiz and be done with week 2 of class 2. Classes go by so quickly in the 8 week format. I registered for my fall semester and plan to take three classes then. I'm hoping my HR department will allow me to do that since I've only taken 6 credits so far this year and we are able to take up to 18 credits. Hopefully it will be approved with no issues. I would not like slowing down my degree because of a technicality. Especially if we will be moving and changing life directions next spring...

Last night I went to see Eclipse with my friend, Christie. I am the only friend of hers still in town that has read the books. So I went with her. Definitely better than the past two. The actors are getting better, slightly. Kristen Stewart kept reminding me of Leighton Meester, who I do think it pretty. Maybe they'll give her pretty and graceful lessons for the next couple movies. I don't know how she'll manage to not be awkward. I'm still not a huge fan and I am not eagerly anticipating the next movie to release. I'm actually glad it won't be out until late next year so that this craze won't happen again anytime soon (I only know that because someone posted the release date on facebook and it was on my mini-feed).

Now, I did enjoy one part of the movie. The trailers! Two amazing movies that I have been waiting to come out for several years! The first: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. I'm not sure where they could have split the story without the first movie begin super slow and boring... but they also left out a lot of the 6th book in the movie so maybe that will be included. I am most excited for the last movie of the series though. I am already prepared to cry, so much emotion. The trailer looked phenomenal! Hopefully it will deliver. Two: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Now, I'm not all excited for the growth in Lucy... but that is to be expected since Disney made the mistake of abandoning the project. But I think in the case of Eustace Scrubb, the extra time was well worth while. Gave the kid enough time to grow up a little more and will probably make the quality of his acting better. This is my favorite book in the series so I am very excited for this installment! I just hope that they didn't take any freedoms with changes to the original story like in Prince Caspian. They did show all four Pevensies walking towards the camera. Yeah, Susan is supposed to make an appearance in the Magician's book... but Peter is no where in the story. Oh well, I like the four of them. I hope they keep going to make all seven eventually. They'd better get a move on though. The kids aren't supposed to be too terribly old in the Last Battle and the Magician's Nephew and the Horse and His Boy would need to be made first in order to have all the essential characters needed for Aslan's country. I don't know if the producers are keeping that in mind though. They should have just started with those in the first place, but no one would've known what the Magician's Nephew was. Well, not a whole lot of people at least. Either way, so excited for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

Back to homework I suppose. Have a wonderful and restful weekend!

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