Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Straight from the lamp post through Wardrobe into the land of Spare Oom

I have always been a huge Narnia fan. My grandfather and father read those books to me ever since I can remember. Literally, some of my earliest memories of running into my grandpa's arms when he arrived for a visit and carrying a Narnia book! I give full credit to my love of reading to those significant men in my life. I have read the entire series every year now for the past decade of so. They are fast reads, I enjoy the characters so much, and each read through I learn something different. C.S. Lewis has yet to be matched in magical worlds, in my opinion. I have watched and will probably buy here shortly the original film adaptations of these stories (well, there may have been versions prior to these, but they are old) and so did my husband! I remember how magical Narnia was back then. I have not been disappointed yet in the newer Disney... soon to Fox versions. Well, I don't know why Susan and Caspian had a thing since they'll never see each other again, not even in Aslan's world. It doesn't make sense. Anyways...

So we bought the first movie yesterday. We have Prince Caspian but never bought the first one. We wanted to watch National Treasure and since we don't have any movie rental stores anymore we decided to go find it and buy it. Well, FYE was having a buy two get one free sale. So we bought both National Treasures and Narnia. Amazing. Plus all of them are the bonus versions with hours of special features. My favorite part, literally. I am very excited for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader to come out. It is one of my favorite books, definitely my favorite Narnia tale.

In honor of my viewing of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe tonight, I wore my grey pleated skirt to work. I continued to wear it now and I will wear it during the viewing. It is just like the skirts one would wear if going to a British school. Much like the ones Lucy and Susan would wear. Makes me feel more British. Silly, I know. I would have worn the skirt anyways, it is a lovely skirt. My husband bought it for me. I love him.

Research paper done. I did not turn it in yet so I can read through it a couple more times to check for grammar and citation errors, but I think it's good. Sigh of relief. I have other assignments to do this week, but that was the big one. Obviously. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Remember those decisions Matthew and I were thinking about making? Well, one option has arisen to the fore front and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Our family would be secure. We would definitely be able to stay on the current baby track we're thinking about. I would be able to quit work to stay home with the baby instead of going back to work. I might even be able to move back home to Michigan. Lots of good things for me. And Matt thinks this is the option that is most appealing to him now. It's so hard being an adult sometimes. This is a decision that will affect the rest of our lives and it would be difficult to go back and change our minds later due to about 20 things. Literally. So it's an all or nothing go round. And we kind of want to decide before August 23 when his next round of grad classes begin. Yup, he may be dropping out of grad school never to return. Life is funny that way. I think he should still finish his program just to have his Master's, but as he said, that is a lot of money towards books for knowledge he won't be using. Sigh. Life.

Off to buy some fruity pebbles and milk for my dinner! It sounds good. And we don't have any. So to the store I go and then settling in for movie night!

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