Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have a toothache. Excellent. But it comes and goes... I'm kinda hoping it's caused by the rain. Yeah, my teeth ache when it rains. When it's cold my elbows and knees splint. I'm a regular old person. I grind my teeth something horrible, always have. Real nasty surprise for my husband the first night we were married! But I didn't think I'd been doing it lately. At leest Matt hasn't been complaining about it. But the two teeth on both sides right in front of my molars hurt. The gums, jaw, and teeth themselves hurt! I'm not sure if teeth can hurt, but it sure feels like it! The ones on the left side are slightly loose. Excellent. I'll wait awhile and then go to the dentist if the pain persists. It generally comes and goes though. I completely forget about it when it doesn't hurt. Another tooth issue, I'm teething! All four of my wisdom teeth are coming in. My dentist in Michigan told me every year that they looked fine and don't need to be pulled. I hope he's right!

Halfway through the longest week of work ever! Only not really. It is Wednesday, but since I had yesterday off I still have three full days of work. 37 more hours of this work week and then I have Sunday off. Unless I run out of personal days and have a real important event, I probably won't do this again. I'll work overtime, but not five days straight of open to close. I miss sleeping, and exercising, and reading, and having normal meals!

I really love my kittens. They're the best kittens ever. Truly. Emily is a little more reserved, which is kind of sad. And she doesn't get as much attention as she should. Even if we're petting her exclusively, if Maxie even walks in the same room she gets up and leaves. We try to give her extra attention though. They play together pretty well. But Emily is so much bigger than Maxie. She hurts him sometimes and he runs away and hides in little hidey holes. Kind of cute, but I wish she could just play and not hurt. I don't think she means to hurt most of the time. They are both wonderful cats though. We Ivesons pick good pets!

I might be getting a pretty diamond bracelet! It's a bangle, so I don't think it's really a tennis bracelet. I've wanted a tennis bracelet for a long time, but this bracelet is so beautiful and casual enough for everyday wear, but glamorous enough for fancy occasions. I go back and forth about wanting it. Matt said it was ok though! It's nice having enough money to splurge every once in awhile. I'll probably get it someday. Maybe when my ring comes back in.

Time for bed. Early wake up tomorrow.

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