Thursday, June 17, 2010

sick kitten

My baby kitten is siiiiiick. Sad. I don't know what I'll do when we have actual children. I get so worried about my kitten! I considered calling my boss to take a personal day to take him to the vet tomorrow. I won't though, unless he gets worse tonight.

I came home and there were piles of throw up all over. I thought it was Emily. Then Maxie randomly started meowing extra loud. It was a horrible sound. Then he hunched up and threw up a bunch of liquid. Poor kitty.

Then I caught him peeing in the corner! I picked him up to take him to the litter box (we haven't had any issues with this so far so I blame the sickness) and so the pee got on the wall and me. Then I had to give him a bath.

Now he's all snuggled up on my lap, soft and fluffy. I know I'm just being paranoid but he feels really warm. Like he's emanating heat! Cats tend to do that but he's also sick.

I am ridiculously tired since I've been working 13 hour days all week. One more tomorrow and a 11 hour day on Saturday. Never doing this again. And now I'm awake because I want to keep an eye on my kitten. Tomorrow is gonna be bad. I'll be tired, cranky, and worried about my kitten. Boo.

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