Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Day of Rest

My horribly long work week is over. All my homework is complete and I have gotten 100% on every assignment except for 2 so far. Those two were still A's so I'm feeling pretty positive. I came home early on Friday because I was feeling dizzy and exhausted. Yesterday work was pretty slow so I was able to come home early as well. I still worked my regular shifts and earned plenty of over time. I don't think I'll be doing that much overtime in one week again though. Hopefully I'll be able to transfer off the phones after September though. So today was a nice little break for me. I didn't have to talk on the phone at all and was able to relax for most of the day. Tomorrow is back to the daily grind.

Speaking of today: Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Father and Pops! I dropped the ball and forgot to send out their cards on time. I did think about it earlier in the week and wasn't sure when I'd be able to pick up their cards since in Lynchburg everything was closed by the time I got out of work. Poor planning on my part. I meant to have Matthew pick them up but forgot. But HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to our wonderful Dads. I have been exorbitantly blessed. My dad is currently in Mexico working at the hospital down there. I was able to skype with him last night and today so that was nice. He was able to show me a little of the hospital down there. Pretty amazing.

I feel like my house is in utter ruins. With my long work week and not feeling well and staying on top of grad school, I haven't been able to give the house a good cleaning. I've tried to keep it as neat as possible, but it needs a good vacuum, mop, and dusting. This week that will all happen. I don't have any late shifts so I'll have plenty of time to get that done. I will tackle the laundry today. If I don't do laundry every week then I feel like a failure of a wife! I like having all of our clothes nice and clean and available if we decide we want to wear the same clothes each week. Sometimes we do wear them that often, our favorites and all. I'm very thankful that we have large wardrobes so we can have some variety. But Jamie is coming to visit next week so I want our guest room put together and the house in order for her. Since Matt and I will be at work then she might be around by herself and I want it to be a nice place to stay.

Matt took his concealed permit class/ test. He went down to the courthouse and applied for his official permit. It's in the works, all we have to do is wait for it to come in the mail. He bought his itsy bitsy handgun. He's ordering his holster to be prepared. Good grief. Well, if the situation arises where we would need the handgun for defense, then I'll be very thankful he has that. But other than that, it all seems kind of silly to me. For all of this, I might be getting a beautiful diamond bracelet! We'll see about that. I do like the bracelet and we have the money for it. But that money could also sit in our savings account. Sigh.

I am currently importing my music onto my mac. I didn't want to do a full transfer from my laptop because there is a lot of music that I don't really care about anymore and I like going through my music manually and remembering music that I had completely forgotten about. I'm still going to put on my old school Christian music on (like Point of Grace and PFR) since those songs are uplifting most of the time and of course, my trashy boy bands (Backstreet Boys is not in that category. Backstreet Boys are amazing. A-mazing). But there are a lot of silly compilations that are no longer necessary. They just take up disc space.

I suppose I should start the laundry now. We have three loads instead of just two this week so I better get started if I want it all done before bed!

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