Sunday, June 20, 2010

Of cleaning and music

Since my last post I have begun cleaning the house. I did not mean to but it just kind of happened. I do not like to be a messy person or living in a mess. Thankfully, I can only go about a week before going on a cleaning rampage. Since our house is small and we do not have children, it is relatively easy to keep the house clean with minimal upkeep. So my cleaning frenzies take about 3 hours. I am not going all out as it is almost 10 pm. I don't think our neighbors would appreciate the vacuum running right now. Matthew won't help me set up the guest bed so I can take care of that room. But I did put away all the clutter that was lying around the house. Organized our mail pile. Put away our accumulation of shoes from the week. Organized the mess in the office. Did the dishes and put them away. Started the laundry and will put it away before bed. Cleaned the stove and the kitchen area. Emptied the kitty litter. Made lemonade for the week and myself a large glass of chocolate milk for right now. And am currently importing more music onto my computer. I finished the first stack of albums I had set on my desk. Now I am working through one of my small sleeves of burnt albums. I am probably about 1/6 of the way through my music collection. I haven't purchased any music recently (basically since marriage- except Backstreet Boys This Is Us, but that was a necessity) so it is all older music. There have been several albums out in the past 5 years that I have wanted but didn't want to spend the money to buy. I'm not one of those people who needs to have music playing at all time. I actually rarely listen to music. So it seems like a waste of money. But going through these albums one by one makes me remember how much I like listening to music. Maybe I'll have to go blow a couple hundred dollars to update my library. We all know I won't do this though because I would rather update my paperback library. Maybe 2-3 CD's could be thought of as an investment though.

I feel domestic after I clean the house. It makes me feel like a good wife. Just think, some day I will be able to stay home all day long to clean the house, make dinner, and organize my family's social life. I wonder if when that time comes I'll miss these days? Not having children, working, and being in grad school? Sounds ridiculous! But maybe I will wish for these days again?

I have also updated my skype account. I only had two contacts previously. My dear friend, Savannah, who is currently in the Philippines, and my father. I have since then added to my contacts (I will only add people I know and would ever possibly talk to) so decided to add a picture and a little blurb about myself. If I know you and would benefit from talking to you on skype, you can add me. I'm really easy to find.

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