Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Little Sister In Me

Remember that student who was upset when I posted some he felt was "arrogant" on his discussion board? Well, like I said, my professor told me that when he was reading through the discussion boards that it seemed like an overreaction on the other student's part and not to worry about it, but to probably not post of this particular student's post anymore. Not a problem since I would be thoroughly tempted to respond back with one-liners hidden in the actual text. Well, we got grades back today. I got 100 %. Obviously there was nothing wrong with my posting.

Now here comes the little sister part of me. It doesn't help that I'm nosey and obnoxious to boot. I went back and re-read this guy's intro statement about himself. He called me arrogant for pointing out an error he made in his post? We went on and on about the numerous degrees he held (oddly enough all seminary related and he is working on his MDIV equivalency right now) and how he works in ministry. After working with Liberty and dealing with all of our students, it's interested in find out that the seminary students are most likely to use cuss words on the phone with us and to get overly upset over some little detail (when most of the time if was their fault for not sending us the proper documentation anyways). The exception to this is our military students. But one typically expects them to cuss since it's part of their every day life (not making it excusable) and they have a lot of other issues going on every day in life so they're bound to get a little run up over smaller details like school. Anyways, so he's so proud of being in ministry but he immediately calls me out for being arrogant? After reading my post several times, I'm just not sure where that came from. And my professor even said that he doesn't know why it affected the other student so much.

This wasn't sufficient for me though. Now this character listed his family webpage for us to view in his intro of himself. I didn't go there because I don't really care. But I did search him on facebook to see if I could find him. Extremely easy. All the info from his bio was there. His wife, his kids and their ages, his various degrees, etc. Looking over his page... I can't believe he called me arrogant. You should see the guy. It was kind of funny because on the day all this happened he posted something about it on his status. Really? Now, I write this information here because this is like my journal. And I don't care if others read it because it is more private. Sure, anyone can see it at anytime, but when you are an adult you don't post as your status (which to me signifies the most important things you want the world to know right then) about how you've had an upsetting morning because someone in your class corrected your errors. Boo hoo, grow up. If you have so many advanced degrees you'll have to learn to take criticism. And he hopes to enters the Doctorate level soon. Lots of criticism there.

Now for the super shallow part of me that I'm trying to stamp out little by little. Yeah, he's definitely not attractive. Oddly, this makes me feel much better. I don't generally find myself all that attractive (just ask my husband), but it makes me feel better when there are... certain... characteristics about those that I don't see eye to eye with.

Yes, now I am just as immature (if not more so) than this other student. I wrote an entire blog post about this. And guess what, it gave me deep satisfaction. Not so much with what I wrote of that others will read it... but because of the rest of the thoughts that have run wild through my mind while I was writing this. Oh if thoughts were literature everyone could read, I would murder with words. It's a good thing I've learned to hold my tongue. Yes, this is holding my tongue! I should write a Burn Book someday, complete satire, but based on actual people and events. Not like Mean Girls, but more as a collection of short stories.

And I still take deep satisfaction in this post and these thoughts. I'm trying to feel bad for being so shallow and judgmental... but it just isn't happening. Probably means I need to read my Bible some more. That was said in all seriousness.

On a different note: day one of extreme overtime complete. Tomorrow I have off. I want to begin my research paper (possibly finish the rough rough draft), spend time with my kittens, not drink coffee (although I like the taste more than the pick me up), take a nap, make a delicious dinner, visit with a friend, and watch Underworld: Evolution with my husband. Then the rest of the week are more crazy work days. I need to practice my patience. Students can be so trying.

Maxie does not like lamps. He constantly jumps and hangs on the lampshades in the living room. And he somehow broke my favorite desk lamp I'm had since first coming to college. So sad. I tried to fix it. He killed it. Sigh. Well, I guess I'll add that to house things to buy someday.

I also got to speak to one of my best friends, Savannah, who is currently serving our Lord in the Philippines. We were only able to talk for a little bit and her video wasn't working all that great (lots of stalls and freezing), but it was wonderful to hear her voice and her stories. One of her stories about an old man in his nineties who accepted Christ moved me to tears. It was beautiful. God is using her. It is so amazing to see.

Time for bed... after reading my Bible to try to straighten out my heart and probably reading a chapter of The Portrait of a Lady. I'm steadily working my way through it.


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