Sunday, June 13, 2010

little blessings

Just a few blessings before bedtime.

1) I was having a slight issue with a classmate in my online class. We have these discussion boards we post on basically every week and we need to respond to others. Well, one of my classmates thought my response to their post was arrogant and not helpful. Yeah, I had pointed out the importance of double checking spelling and grammar since there were several mistakes in his post. Part of what we're graded on individually is giving suggestions to our classmates on how to improve their posts. I was not rude about it as I gave an example of my own mistake in my original post as well. And this guy posted on the forum that I was arrogant. What does that make him? Anyways, the blessing in this is that my professor sent me an email saying that the fault lay with the other student for over reacting. My professor said he had students email him complaining about his comments to them personally about how to improve their assignments! Hello! He's the professor! Plus he's a Dr. so he knows his information! He suggested just not responding to the other student's posts from now on since he took offense. Good grief. But at least I know I won't be marked down for it and that my professor agrees with me.

2) I accidentally submitted one of my assignments in Matt's blackboard! Even though I logged in to my own and everything was correct until the actual class opened, after I submitted my assignment it said "Matthew Iveson". Not good. We are in the same class so I hoped it would all work out ok. He submitted his assignment into my blackboard and we both emailed our professor and attached our assignments there as well. I didn't think there would be any penalties since it was an accident and our assignment work is completely different since it had to do with our sources for our research paper, which have entirely separate topics. I received notice from our professor that this will be fine and he understands how a mistake like that can happen. Needless to say, from now on I'll double check whose name I'm signed in as before taking my quizzes or turning in assignments!

3) I was able to finish most of my homework for this week today! I have a quiz over two textbook chapters, my thesis for my research paper, and a discussion board forum on adolescent choices. I did most of the reading, wrote my thesis and title page (which is part of next weeks assignments), and wrote most of my first discussion board post. Since I have Tuesday off I'll review everything and submit my assignments early. Since I'll be working 13 hour days, M, W, R, F, and S it's so nice to already have most of my homework done. On Tuesday I'm also going to try to write a good chunk of the body of my research paper. A head start is always nice.

Now my last blessing of the night would be to fall asleep right away and sleep soundly until my alarm goes off. I should have gone to bed sooner, but I never can get to bed on time! Wake up at 6 am, start work at 7:45 (I usually leave the house around 7), finish work at 9 PM, get home around 9:30 PM. Long day. At least I have Tuesday off to spend with Matthew. He has Tuesday off too. The rest of the week is the above schedule and Saturday work is 10 am until 9 PM. Maybe we'll get the last 1500 financial check in's and Saturday we'll be closed. While that's 3 hours of overtime I won't get... I'd rather have the entire day off! We'll see!

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

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