Wednesday, June 09, 2010


So I signed up for overtime next week. I already mentioned that. I am dreading it. 8 hours on the phones with our students is enough to drive anyone crazy! But 12 hours a day... I just don't think it's worth it. But I'm gonna do it. And by the end of next week, probably after the first day, I'll be ready to quit. Too bad I can't.

That is probably what having a baby and working will be like. I mean, it'll be much more enjoyable, but I'll be tired and not have time for anything else. Decisions decisions. When really I know we wouldn't put off babies for 2 more years while Matt finished grad school. But I need to prepare for zero sleep and zero me time. At least grad school will be done by then.

Maxie was running around the house since I got home. He's had a lot more energy now than when we first brought him home. But he still crashes real quick when his energy runs out. He and Emily were jumping on and off the bed wrestling. He jumped back onto the bed, raised his paw at her to smack her, rolled between my legs, and feel asleep immediately... All in one fluid movement! It was pretty funny. And now he's curled up between my legs with his grad hanging over my knee. He's so cute.

I was going to finish my reading for the week tonight and take my quiz. But Matt took the book to work. So I guess I'll sort out my articles for my research paper. This weekend I'm going to try to write a good chunk of it. It isn't due for a few more weeks, but this way I'll be ahead for next week and I'll be ahead for the end of class when I'll have my second class beginning. Busy busy.

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