Tuesday, June 08, 2010

2 Years Down

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to us! Yesterday. It seems like we've been married more like 10 years, but in a very good way. It all just seems so normal.

We are a strange sort of couple. Anniversaries really aren't that big of a deal to us. It's just like any other day. We're always thankful for our marriage. But we got dressed up and were going out for a nice dinner... and Quiznos sounded better. So we got it and brought it home. We watched Family Guy Empire Strikes Back on Matt's computer. It was funny. And then we did homework for our grad school classes. Yes, a weird sort of anniversary, but it works for us. And we truly do love each other. I don't think anyone understands just how much.

We might do something HUGE for our next anniversary. It depends on if I am pregnant and how pregnant I am. We know what we would like to do. It would be nice because it would be an anniversary trip plus our babymoon. We'll have to see what next year looks like. If there is not baby then we're definitely doing it. It's something we've wanted to do for a couple years now and I almost did my senior year of college. Not telling, but it'll be good.

I signed up to work about 20 hours of overtime next week. How overtime works at my job is that you don't get paid any more, but you do get to use those hours some other time to not work. So I'll have 2.5 days to not go in to work. I'm hoping that my best friend, Abby, can come for a visit and I can use them then. If she can't work it in her schedule (she's also working full time which stinks for vacations), then I'll probably use it to go home for a long weekend. I miss home. And I still haven't met baby Brooklyn and she's 9 months old! So basically, next week is going to stink.

That being said, I wrote my discussion board post and both of my responses tonight. I am trying to get as much work done for this week and next week in my Grad class so next week isn't so overwelming. Next week I have Tuesday completely off, but every other day I'll be working 7:45-9:00 and on Saturday I'll work 10-9. Yeah, it'll be crazy and I'll probably want to kill myself when I'm done. So I need to get all my grad school work done beforehand.

We definitely need to wait to have baby number one until I am finished with grad school. If HR lets me do it the way I want, I could be done by the end of next summer. LU will only let employees take classes one at a time. That stinks. So if I can work it to finish next summer, that would be perfect. Either way I'll be done in December... but we don't really want to wait that long for baby number 1. I can't imagine balancing work, baby, and grad school. It's hard enough giving enough attention to my kittens right now! It's true, I wake up and they want to snuggle so I run late to work (which for me means that I'm 20 minutes early instead of 30). They want to snuggle when I get home but I need to get homework done. They want to sleep with us but we close the door. It'll be so much harder when baby comes. And I'll have to go back to work for at least one year while Matt finished grad school. Sigh. If only we were more patient... but we're not!

Maybe God will say, No. You do not have a baby in 2011. Then life will kind of work itself out I suppose. Maybe we'll have a baby later. Or maybe we'll adopt. Since I was adopted and my sister has adopted her children, I feel like I would have more peace about this than other women. But it would still be sad if I couldn't carry my own child. I try not to worry about that though.

In other news: my sister-in-law is coming to stay with us! She will be visiting Lynchburg to see her other sister-in-law and to see Twilight before heading to her friend's wedding in Georgia. There is more extra room at our place than other people's homes so she'll be crashing with us. That makes me happy. I don't feel like Jamie and I know each other as well as we should. We have a lot of similar interests and I really hope that in years to come we can become great friends.

Ugh, I'm so tired. At least I got all my homework done that I needed to today. Tomorrow I will finish my reading, take my quiz, and begin reading my massive amounts of journal articles. We needed 20 sources for our research paper. I have 19, possibly 20. I probably will just use the last one so I don't have to search for another. But since most of the articles are 20-35 pages long... that's a lot of reading to do. I have to write my annoted bibliography this week by Sunday. I'll try to do as much as possible throughout the week. But at least I have this Saturday off. Saturday and Sunday I'll also try to do as much work towards next week as possible. Maybe even start writing my research paper to prepare.

Gah! Maybe Grad school was a bad idea!

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