Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bling Bling go Bye Bye???

So I noticed last night that my ring was making this clicky noises. Yeah, not a good sound! Upon further inspection the center diamond was definitely moving back and forth and up and down in the prongs. I've only had this new diamond since January and already the prongs are loose? We have insurance on the ring through the jeweler, but I'm not sure if they'll cover getting it tightened. I definitely don't want to look down one day and see my beautiful diamond missing! That would be horrible. But if this will need to be done every half year... not good. I do have my 6 months inspection due this month anyways. I'm taking it in after work. Hopefully they tell me it's nothing to worry about, it's always done that, and it's perfectly safe. I really wouldn't want to have to send it back to the shop and wear a different ring in the meantime. Not good times dos. I am wearing the wedding band my birth mother sent on my right hand today just in case I need move it over to my left after the trip to Kay's. Sigh. It is a LARGE gold band, small diamonds across the top, some roman numerals across the bottom (that I have no idea what they mean), and then some small channels on the face of the ring. So it's not ugly by any means, but also not my style at all. Good for a right hand ring every once in awhile, but probably not for every day. Sigh. I also have my purity ring and promise ring also... I just want to wear my wedding ring! Maybe it's all a big hub bub for nothing. I sure hope so.

I was supposed to be using my lunch to read some articles for my annotated bibliography. I talked to Matt for 25 minutes of it, checked facebook quickly, and then got on here. Boo.

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