Friday, June 11, 2010

New Look

Log in to blogger and there are a whole handful of new templates to choose from! I liked this one. I've always been a fan of dandelions as artwork... not so much as a reality. But they make beautiful profiles! I know that choosing a premade template means I'll probably see a million others who have the same look as I. Oh well.

My diamond was loose. Thankfully our warranty covers the repair. But that means I am bling-less for a little while. Sigh. Makes me sad. I am wearing my sapphire promise ring in the meantime. Funny, I used to think the stone in this ring was so big. It was bigger than my original diamond. Now with my new diamond it seems dwarfed on my finger. It is lovely though. I hope my ring is done next week.

I am so ridiculously tired! I got about 10 hours of sleep last night. I needed to do homework but I couldn't concentrate. I went to take a nap. Woke up again trying to concentrate on the article I was reading. Couldn't do it. Went back to bed. Tonight I'll drink some coffee and suck it up. I have a lot to do this weekend for homework. Next week is going to stink. Over 60 hours of work. Plus I still have my class obligations. I'm going to try to finish my writing assignments this weekend to turn in on Monday. I'll also try to do all my reading so I can take my quiz whenever I have a free moment also. How in the world am I going to stay away from 7:45-9:00 at work? It will stink. Lots of coffee to be drunk next week.

Something that bothers me: profanity for the sake of profanity. I admit, there are times when others words just do not suffice. In such cases I typically keep my mouth shut. Other people however, use profanity out of habit, to hear themselves talk, to curse others, or because there was a break in a sentence. I personally think that the use of profanity makes you sound about three levels less intelligent. Probably ruffled some feathers there. Oh well. It's just my opinion. What is the purpose of profanity? What does it help? I went through a phase where I used profanity fairly regularly. Then I realized that I wasn't speaking as clearly or articulating my thoughts as well. It seriously dumbed down my conversations. I wanted to be well spoken. I didn't want to be thought of as young and ignorant. I especially didn't want my children someday to repeat after me. So I decided to kill the habit. Almost every one I know uses profanity regularly (as in, I don't have a conversation with them without some word or phrase popping up). I've learned to live with others who use profanity peaceably but still wonder why there is such need for those specific words. Enlargen your vocabulary! I dare you. Or, do what I do and make up your own words. Like "enlargen" for instance!

Off soapbox now.

All I want to do this weekend is finish my book "The Portrait of a Lady". With all my reading for grad school, I've been making very slow progress in that book. It bothers me. Maybe I'll stay up ridiculously late and finish all my homework tonight. Then read for pleasure all weekend. That would be nice. I'll try to do that... but it won't work. There's too much homework to finish in one night. I bought "The Scarlet Pimpernel", "Ivanhoe", and "The Canterbury Tales" recently. I still have yet to read those. I have read them all before at some point in life... but it was when I was younger. (read at that age = in one ear and out the other) I know the overall story lines or plot lines and like the story itself, but I like details. Maybe I should drop out of grad school so I can catch up on pleasure reading. I know, ridiculous.

Another pet peeve: spelling errors. I understand there are some ridiculous words that people will never know how to spell. But "there", "their", and "they're" or the "your" and "you're" words always aggravate me. It's not that difficult! when it's possessive there is just a "r". When you are putting together two separate words such as "you are" there's an apostraphe. And "there" is a location. Just like any other errors with one word and another totally different words... This is just a stupid. Seriously. Sometimes you can tell a spelling error that is phone keyboard related, since we all update via smart phone nowadays. But those kinds of errors stink out like a sore thumb. (clich├ęs bother me too but I've used a few in this update) I don't understand how people made it through grade school, high school, and college and still don't know how to spell. Do you realize how ridiculous and uneducated that makes you look?

I feel like I need to lose 20 pounds! Thankfully, I don't. I might make that my goal though so when I do get to where I need to be then I'll feel much better about myself. 20 pounds would put me significantly under 100 pounds and that just wouldn't be healthy. Really I just have a few pounds to lose. I've just been feeling heavy lately. I feel like I look heavy too. After next week (crazy 60 hour work week) I plan on making the gym a priority once again. I usually am too tired after work to go. I just want to get home, eat, do homework, and go to bed. I need to start going again. Drop those last few pounds, feel good about myself again, and hopefully get more energy too! If I can only make it through next week!

I've been exceptionally thirsty recently. I drink about two water bottles at work, usually some kind of pop or coffee throughout the workday also. Then I come home and drink 1-2 glasses of something during dinner and homework. But I'm still thirsty! Especially when I go to bed. Now I have to get back up and go downstairs for a drink!

Goodnight. Happy weekend!

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