Friday, June 04, 2010

of growing up

Sometimes being a grown up and making responsible decisions is not at all fun or enjoyable. I feel like I say this a lot. A lot of times when I want my way (even though I know whatever my way happens to be is irresponsible), my retort to Matthew when he says no is "but so-and-so is doing it!" I guess I'm still a child at heart. I need to learn no to compare and to think about what's best and wise for our family. There are lots of decisions this applies to, both big and small. All part of the learning curve that comes with being a wife and adult. I also need to learn to be more supportive of my husband in his decisions and choices. I feel like I'm a pretty supportive wife overall, but I also am selfish.

Particularly about Matt's grad school. It looks like he's going to be slowing down so he can take residential classes instead of online classes. The downside to online classes is that since they're only 8 weeks long you feel like you memorize and delete without processing. I enjoy online classes and feel like I retain the information. But Matthew prefers the classroom, especially so he can learn from professors past experiences in the field. So we might be here a year or two longer than we anticipated. Pouty face. And it would probably be wise for me to stay at work until we move or he's finished. Double pouty face. I'm becoming slowly ok with working longer and possibly being a working mom until he's finished, but staying in Lynchburg is a big bummer. I know that we're blessed because the economy here isn't too bad. If I would've known when we got married we'd be here for 5 years we probably would have bought a small house. Oh well, no use buying a house now for 2 years. We'll continue throwing our money away on rent. Sigh.

Cat update: good news is that Maxie and Emily appear to be actual little friends now. Sometimes Maxie's kitten-ness gets on Emily's nerves when she wants to calmly sit on our laps for a good pet and he won't stop swatting at her. But they wrestle and play with their toys together and she will let me pet them both at the same time without getting jealous. They even slept next to each other! Not quite curled up together, but within 3 inches of each other. Bad news, Emily has been teaching Maxie some of her not so admirable traits. Like begging for human food, scritching at the carpet, and attacking us as we walk. He sure caught on fast. But he also knows his name, comes when we call, and knows the kissy sound means "I want to pet you/come here/ I won't hurt you/ good things". He's a very smart kitty.

More potential bad news, I noticed blood in his feces. My dad said to keep checking him but that it's probably nothing serious since it was only a little and Maxie doesn't seem to be in pain. I hope there's nothing wrong with him! Once I'm attached, I wouldn't be able to trade in kittens! I would rather spend money on surgery or medicine! We do need to take him to the vet anyways for a check up and to make an appointment for neutering, so I suppose we can just mention it then. I considered taking off work tomorrow to take him to the vet. Poor Maxie. Hopefully it won't happen again and it was just a one time thing.

Yes, my cats are like my babies. It's a good thing too or I would be going more baby crazy. It's funny, I feel like that urge is dying slightly in me. Maybe it's because that time is drawing nearer so I don't feel the desire so urgently. It doesn't feel like so far away. I think that's a good thing. If I'm this crazy about kittens, imagine how I'll be with my infants! I can hardly wait!

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