Tuesday, June 01, 2010

of friendships

My titles normally only have to do with paragraph one. Oh well.

In this case, paragraph two. I have always been blessed with wonderful friends. Scotty was my first friend, followed by Ben and Hannah. We spent our pre preschool years together. We all went to the same church and our parents were good friends. Scotty and I shared a birthday so we spent birthdays 1 through 7 together. We were best friends. Ben and I got married when his older sisters thought it would be fun. It's. Fun memory. We spent many a summer afternoon goofing off together and making up all kinds of adventure. Hannah and I spent every Sunday afternoon after church at each others houses until we were teenagers. Far too many ridiculous memories to list!

Then came preschool and elementary school. My best friends of note were Eric, Ashley, Lisa, Erin, Lauren, Emily, Laura, and Erika. Of the girls, three I would be overjoyed to run into, three I'm in regular contact with even now, and only one am I unsure where life has taken her. We were typical young girls and had lots of drama, but I sure do love those girls. Eric, we're facebook friends at least. We only went to the same preschool, not strong ties. But it was a grand ole time. And our preschool teacher remembers is 20 years later! Literally, she ran into my mom and remembered her and Eric and I. That probably means we got in trouble a lot.

In middle school it was many of the same girls, and then came Abby, Holly, and Sara. Such amazing memories and such joys of high school. More drama. And we can't forget about David and Benjy. The best friend hall of fame in my life wouldn't be complete without those two boys. One I'm still excellent friends with. The other, who ever would've thought we wouldn't be speaking? Certainly not I.

Then came Kristin, Savannah, Laura, and Stephanie in college. Such special friendships. Those girls each taught me so much.

Of all these friends I've listed. Most of them I've had "issues" with at one point of another. Mostly girly misunderstandings. Some stupid teenage jealousies. For awhile I would hold bitter thoughts and pain inside about moments from so long ago. Most of the time the other didn't even know my feelings had been hurt. Just recently I've been able to move on from past pains and remember the good times with complete joy. I've realized that we're all human and I've probably hurt those friends more than they've hurt me. I was a pretty bratty individual most of my life. But at one season or another (for the elementary school girls, several seasons) they were in my life and my very best friends. And I truly love them each dearly for that. What would my life be like without them? Who would I be now without the experiences I had with each of them?

Now I have a wonderful group of friends who are again, at the same stage of life as me. We're all entering the mid-twenty age, are married, and having of thinking about having babies. These friends have been such a bright spot in my life the past 1.5 years. God certainly knew what he was doing when he brought them into my life. Danielle, Christie, Viv, Cheryl, Kirsten, and Candace are all such amazing and beautiful women and I amm blessed by them every week.

I was just thinking about friendships. What a wonderful thing. I'm glad we have the ability to have relationships with other humans. God could have created is to not pay any attention to other humans. What a seemingly miserable existence.

Emily and Maxie are becoming friends I think. They wrestle with each other. I'm still not positive if Emily isn't trying to "get back" at Maxie for existing though. She doesn't usually hurt him, but every once in awhile she's too rough. She's just bigger than him.

Now the random part, on the ceiling in my bedroom there is this strange indentation around the ceiling light. It is large and rectangular and directly in the center of the room. It looks like it was spackled and re-painted. It leads me to wonder what in the world could have been that shape, in the middle of the room, on the ceiling? Weird. Of course, my imagination comes up with horrible scenarios! Part of me wants to hammer it all to see if there's some kind of "clue"... Or opening or secret hiding place. What else could it be?

Lastly, I really love my new bed. I'm so glad my parents talked me into it. We bought a more expensive mattress set, but it's name brand and from a reputable store. We also bought a beautiful frame that I truly do love! It is perfect! It is so comfortable. Matthew and I both have enough space to stretch out without bothering each other. He can't feel me flip around since I'm so wiggly. There's even enough space for the cats in the middle. It is wonderful. And it fits perfectly in our bedroom. Sigh.

And now, time to go to sleep in my wonderful bed. Working the early shift tomorrow. I like the early shift because I like doing emails and I like getting out early. Then I have to run to the store for some grocery necessities. Then making some dessert and snacks. Then working on homework until... My friends come over for the evening for ladies night. First time seeing my new place and first time meeting Maxie. It will be a good night.
I still think of him as "Oscar" half the time. I think it was the perfect name. Sigh.

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