Monday, May 24, 2010

we revolve around television

There was once a Will and Grace episode where the two sidekick friends are discussing their favorite television drama. They consider for a moment going out and meeting with real people and living life instead of talking about the fictitious television lives they are so absorbed with. Then they laugh and go on with their original conversation.

So true. I used to think I was off for talking about Friends like they were my actual friends and having real life situations. But what I find even more ridiculous, facebook statuses and television shows. The majority of the statuses I see revolve around television and how "so-and-so" cannot believe that "this" is happening on "that show"! Sure, I like a few television shows myself, but to post my status about it? When the rest of the world either a) watched the show and already knows b) is going to watch the show and doesn't want you to spoil it or c) doesn't care at all. The think most of time it's c. And if that's the mossy exciting things going on in these people's lives... Well, that says a lot right there.

Now, I admit, I used to be just like that. I would count down days for movies to come out and go on about certain shows after the episode, but I was in high school. I honestly didn't know any better and I am a bit embarrassed by it.

That was my annoyance tonight. Lost is over. It is one of my favorite shows. I haven't seen a single episode of season 6 yet. I don't mind the spoilers. But everyone is complaining about the ending. Well, everyone should've known better. Plus, who are we to say what is a good ending or isn't? Was it our original idea? Did we create the characters? Did we research the Dharms Initiative and the like? If someone's creative genius doesn't happen to follow our own likes or dislikes, who are we to say they are wrong? The producers and writers always said they wanted to leave a lot of it open ended. I don't know how it ended, but I expect to be left wondering. That's kind of the point.

Another annoyance, my smoking neighbor. It hasn't been so strong recently, but tonight... I don't know what she's doing over there but it seriously smells like she's been smoking all day! It's so strong. I expect to see the smoke coming through my vents any minute. I fanned, sprayed febreeze, and tried to open windows. Nothing is working. I don't want to move again, but when our year is up it will definitely be a consideration! I don't want my babies to be breathing this!

I need to go to bed. I work the early shift tomorrow and my parents are coming in to town.

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