Friday, May 21, 2010


Reunions are always something to remember. It's my high school 5 year. Nothing is planned. Am I surprised? Not really. Who is supposed to plan the reunions? The class president. Yeah, our class president... Not surprised nothing is planned. Maybe someday I'll plan some kind of class reunion. I'd like to know what everyone was up to. It's kind of disappointing that no one bothered to do anything. I guess no one did anything for Matt's 5 year last year either. Well, there's another great class president for ya. Not naming any names or anything. I know, that's probably rude. But true.

My favorite scene in LOST is when Desmond and Penny phone each other on Christmas Eve from the freighter. They are great at their parts. So much emotion. So much beauty. So much joy.

Reunions are kind of like anniversaries, of sorts. My 2 year wedding anniversary is in two weeks. That is exciting. It seems like so much longer. It seems more like 10 years (in a good way) but when we have our real 10 year anniversary hopefully we'll have three children!

I have a bug bite on my foot. I think I got it at work. I hate that. Gross.

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