Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ups and Downs

So I found out about 3 more couples who are currently pregnant. Sigh. Well, hopefully I'll be joining them soon. All of them asked if we had given it any thought. Hopefully we'll be able to swap stories here with them real "soon". I am very happy for my friends though. Two of them are older than I and have been married longer. The other was not on purpose. So I suppose I can wait a "few" more months to catch up.

Last night I slept for 12.5 hours. Yes, amazing. I was supposed to go to a surprise birthday party for my dear friend, Danielle. Well, I felt horrible. Not good at all. So I decided to take a 15 minute nap to see if that helped. Made it worse. So I slept from 7:00 pm- 7:30 am. Much needed. I felt good for the first half of the workday and then it went back downhill again. Hopefully I'm not coming down with anything. Matt has been sick the past week or so. I hate having to take sick days! Even though I have 4 left for the year and 5 personal days besides that. I do have some comp time accrued, but was planning to use that Monday when my parents are here.

Speaking of which, my parents are coming next week! Woot! It couldn't be more perfect. They will arrive Monday morning and I will be done with work at 10:45 with my comp time. I have Tuesday off since I work next Saturday. They will see our new home, help us pick out a nice, large bed, help us finance said bed (such a blessing), and just have an all around amazing visit. Whining works! They will leave Wednesday. Usually when they visit we only have 1 day together... if that with my work schedule. So this is a blessing to have almost 2 full days! My parents truly are amazing. They are driving down just because I want them too. Later that week they are going to... Tulsa? for a conference and heading straight from there to Mexico for their June trip. So they will be plenty busy, but they still were able to plan a trip to see me. Matt and I were planning on going on the June trip next year with them... possibly. I do want to see the hospital. But we'll have to see how the next year goes. A lot has been changing in our plans. We might have to put off the Mexico trip for another... 3 or so years! All of very good reasons though, I'm sure.

I was supposed to be taking my first quiz for grad school today. But Matthew must have taken the book with him to work. It is open book so I don't want to take it without it. I know the information pretty well since most of it was review of things I already knew, but why not double check all the answers? If I can get 100, then I surely will! No excuses.

So since my plans have been fudged for the evening, I guess all I can do is snuggle up on the couch and watch LOST! I'm almost done with season 5. Not super anxious about getting season 6 right away though. I mean, we will. And we'll watch it right away. But I'm not upset about it being over. I think it's been a good run and it's time it came to a close. I asked for the entire Boy Meets World series for my birthday. I'm ready to go through those again! I love the old classics! So much better than modern TGIF.

Right now the majority of my books are on the floor in the office. My small three shelf bookcase is full. But I have seven piles against the wall that needs homes! I would say there are anywhere from 25-50 books in each pile depending on thickness of the particular book. I probably should get rid of some... but I like them all and plan to read them several more times in coming years. I enjoy my books. All of them. If I didn't, I wouldn't own them! And I still have so many books left to buy! Not to mention all the Counseling books Matt and I will accrue through grad school! I found a large bookshelf for $25 but didn't buy it because I didn't have nay way to get it home at the time. When I do go back to buy it it will probably be gone or not on sale any longer. Sigh. My poor books look so forlorn on the floor. That is not very classics belong! Just one more thing on my house to-do list: bookcase for books, large black dresser for Master bedroom, print pictures for frames (no more wedding pictures), order honeymoon and first two years photo albums, fix kitchen cart if possible. I guess the to-do list isn't so unmanageable. It just seems that way since all the above things take $$$. Some are not super expensive, but still. At least we don't have to worry about buying a new bed ourselves. That's definitely a relief.

Enough for today. Goodbye.

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