Monday, May 17, 2010

new day, new post

I know probably no one reads all my ramblings. And even if you do, you probably don't care and wonder why I write the majority of things I write. Well, when I go back and read my old xanga posts (beginning in 2004) it really pin enlightening. Not only does it help me remember life back then, but it also shows me my personal growth. In 2004 I was a junior in high school, woeful about my lost love. But thankfully, he came back to me. So hopefully in a few years I'll look back at this (with at least 2 kids in tow) and remember my life as a newlywed and when I was wishfully hoping for babies. Sigh. Soon, very very soon... Hopefully.

I might have hurt my wrist. I don't want to be dramatic and say it's broken, but it very well might be. It would be a very minor crack, but it hurts in one specific place and pretty much all the time. Not pleasant. I don't know what I did but it's very obnoxious. Never had a broken bone before in my life. Hopefully it's nothing.

I've been watching through all the old seasons of Lost. I have picked up on a lot of minor hints and clues. Nothing like the hard core Easter egg hunters, but more obvious things that might be explained in season 6. Matt and I didn't watch it live. We're waiting for it to come out on DVD. Anyways, I'm on season 5 now and I think it would be so annoying to have to look roughly the same year after year after year. Each season is about a months worth of island time so it's not like it has been five years. But each of the characters looks the same age and roughly the same with a few hair changes here and there, which could happen. Yeah, that was repetitive... But I know what I mean. Sawyer is still my favorite followed closely by Desmond and Penny. Not only do they have good character stories, I thik they're the best actors.

Grad school began today. I did my first discussion board and my checklist to stay in the class. I could take my first quiz since I did all the reading already, but I'll wait on that. Probably until Wednesday. It's kind of nice being back in school. When my kids are in school I hope to volunteer and help a lot. We'll see what happens.

My wrist hurts. Writing this on the blackberry probably wasn't the best choice.

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