Monday, May 24, 2010

A Good Day

I got up this morning and while I wasn't quite ready to wake up, I was in to work on time with enough time to sit in my car in the parking lot and listen to my morning talk show a few more minutes before walking up to my office. Seriously, what I did in Lynchburg in the morning before discovering Danny and Zach... I just don't know!

I worked for three hours and felt like I accomplished a lot. Well, enough for it being so early in the morning on a Monday. I was then able to come home since I had worked 5 hours of overtime previously. I left work and called my parents and discovered they were just checking in to their hotel down the street from our house! Perfect timing. They pulled up to our house right as I was walking inside!

I showed them around our new townhouse and they couldn't smell any cigarette smoke from our lovely neighbor. I'm hoping that means it's mostly my imagination. We took the tour with much more detail then I will probably give others who come. They are my parents after all, I like showing off every little thing (especially since most of it was in one way or another from them). We headed out to lunch shortly after at Mi Patron. My dad likes Mexican food so we wanted to take him to one of our new faves. It was delish, as always. I highly recommend.

After that the great bed search began! For those of you who don't know, Matthew and I have spent the first two years of marriage living on a full bed. That's right, full. Now we are not large people. As far as people go, we're actually pretty scrawny. Well, Matt has bulked up in the past year, but you know. We're not super tall and we're not super ... wide... either. But still, a full is just unmanageable. It was certainly not enjoyable since I am a wiggler and like to sleep on a diagonal and he is a light sleeper. We decided (with the help of my parents... a lot of help) to purchase a King sized bed for our anniversary. We went to a few different locations and tested out a few mattress types and looked at a handful of headboards. After much deliberating, we chose one. And we couldn't be happier! We knew we wanted black bedroom furniture. We had already bought some new nightstands in black so we had to match even if we changed our minds. We found a wonderful mattress that was a little more expensive than we originally planned on spending, but it is soft enough for Matt and firm enough for me, without being like a marshmallow (what I think memory foam or temper pedics feel like). Since the kind is so much larger than our bed now we don't think there will be any problems with me waking Matt up with my fidgeting, but even when I laid next to him and bounced around he felt barely any of the motion. Good sign. Like I said, it was a bit more expensive than we would've liked, but my dad thinks it will be much more worth it in the long run and we have to think of this as an investment. Hopefully we won't have to buy another bed for a good long while! We also found a beautiful black wood headboard and footboard set. I thought I wanted metal but this set is beautiful. Matthew liked it too and it was the only king sized one they had left in all the stores or the warehouse since they were discontinuing the collection. We considered getting the chest dresser as well, but decided we could wait on that. We do need a new dresser, but we don't really need that now. We can look around to see if we can find something a little less expensive elsewhere. All in all, I am very pleased with out purchases. And we will be receiving the new bed tomorrow! Quick and free delivery time! And they will lug the thing up the stairs and figure out how to maneuver it around the weird walls and small staircase. The mattress is specially made so you can literally bend it in half so it fits up stairs! That is amazing! There's apparently some lever that makes this work? Either way, I'm happy.

We came back home and Mom and Matt played a Skate game on the PS3, my mom watched and commented. My dad gave me a tutorial on the mac and now I feel much more comfortable with it over all. Time well spent.

We went to dinner at the Depot Grille and then went out for some more shopping. Matt got a new case for his computer which he has been wanting for quite some time. I got a new clock for the kitchen since our stove doesn't have a clock for some reason? We looked for a new quilt to go on our bed (since we have a white down comforter and I'm sick of duvet covers and constantly having to adjust them)... but no luck. I found exactly the type of quilt I want, but not in the color. I wanted a grey quilt so I could do pretty much anything with other decorations in the room. Plus that gives us a lot of freedoms with sheet colors and changing things around. The only colors available were light blue, light green, light yellow, dark brown, and two different whites. No grays. Sure, I like some of those colors... but it's not what I was looking for. We're going around town tomorrow to look some more. Hopefully we find something nice and plain and gray.

We're also buying some flowers to plant in our patio area tomorrow! So excited to dress that up a little. I want to buy either white wicker bench for out there or possible some kind of glider bench. Something to sit on and read with my flowers. After the new bed is set up and the rest of my pictures are hung and organized and the flowers are planted, I'll probably feel better about taking some pictures and posting them! So excited things are finally falling into place.

In other news: the stress of grad school has begun to sink in for Matt and I. I'm sure we're just over-reacting, but we're beginning to feel like there's not enough time to do everything. When in reality, our assignments are not that difficult. We're just adding drama and feeling like we don't have enough time since my parents are here. We'll be fine.

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