Friday, May 28, 2010

oldies but goodies

So I have four seasons of Full House. I requested the entire series of Boy Meets World for my birthday. Apparently, there is no boxed set for this series! Why would they do that? And there are limited copies of each season as it is? Apparently the owners don't want to reprint (or whatever it is in television terms) the seasons! I think they'd make a lot of money if they sold the seasons. Everyone from my age group loved that show. Stink. Hoping we can find them all individually.

I got pulled over today. Seriously nicest cop ever. Didn't give me a ticket.

I got good news at work today. Matt and I have been trying to decide some things for the rest of our time here in Lynchburg. I might work longer than we thought, but I might be able to change my work schedule. It's in the works and wouldn't change for awhile, but it's nice to know I have some options.

We might get a kitten tomorrow! It's a gray fuzz ball. I love it. If it hasn't been sold, we're buying it! If it's not there then we'll wait to find another perfect kitten. I want this one! I hope they're not closed so we can get him tomorrow! And if we get him I hope Emily doesn't hate us. Her and little "Oscar" love each other after they get used to each other. I hope hope hope he's still there and we can pick him up!

We'll see about the kitten. I can hardly wait!

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