Sunday, May 30, 2010


Say hello to the newest member of the Iveson family! Maxwell!

Emily isn't too sure she likes sharing her space or our attention.
How can we do homework when we have such an adorable distraction?
We were told he is just 5 weeks old... I think he's more like 8 weeks judging on his "birthday".
All tuckered out after an exciting day of exploring!
Yes, I finally talked Matthew into letting me get another kitten. I saw this kitten at the pet store on Tuesday with my parents. We had been shopping all day and there's nothing like baby animals to finish out a good day! So we went and looked at the puppies and bunnies and then came the kitten cage! He was sitting there with his two fellow kittens. He was by far the cutest. The other two were brown tiger stripes. Been there, done that. I have wanted a grey kitten since we started shopping for Emily back in 2008. Emily was and is the perfect little black kitten and we are so happy with her. But when I saw this little guy, I knew I had to have him! Since I don't work on Sundays and I have Monday off for Memorial Day, we thought it would be a good time to help get Maxie acquainted with his new home. I called yesterday while I was at work to see if he was still there. He was and they would even hold him until I was finished with work! I rushed over and picked up my new little pal. So far, he has been a wonderful decision. Emily wasn't sure but she's been doing better than I expected. Maxie wants to play with her but Emily just swats at him. I think they'll be good friends soon.

Maxie will run around for about an hour non-stop and then he'll crash. Literally. He'll be in the middle of a romp and just stop and fall asleep standing up. Adorable! We'll pick him up and let him take a good long nap on our laps, which he is currently doing. He slept with me all night last night, which I wouldn't mind becoming a regular occurrence. Matthew thinks he is exceptionally cute too, which is always good since he hadn't seen the kitten before I brought him home. I'm so glad I married a cat lover too. We do want dogs someday too, but I definitely prefer cats.

I finally finished my paper for my class, which is due today. It was a very easy assignment and really only took me about an hour to research and write. I always enjoyed writing papers. But I was so distracted with Maxie! He seriously is the most adorable kitten ever. Emily is still the best kitty. But now we have the best male and female kitty!

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