Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Run

Again on lunch at work. I have my book but I'm feeling pretty tired and this requires less thinking than reading would. I can type as quickly as I think so the words just pour out. I like having a fast typing speed. Thank you middle school and AIM! Seriously, all the typing classes I took in elementary school didn't do much since I generally only use my first two fingers to type! But I can type faster than most.

Anyways, so last night I decided to check out the "gym" in our housing development. Pathetic. Three treadmills, 1 stepper, and an all purpose weight machine. Which, realistically means that it is good for nothing. Well, since I prefer the elliptical I was disappointed. I have bad knees (thank you cheerleading and heel stretches!) so running often causes pain for days afterwards. Running is good and I should probably do it more often, but I don't prefer it. Well, I decided to go ahead and jump on the treadmill and then do some abs and stuff at home. I did my run and determined to not use that "gym" again and just continue going to the Y. I mean, we do pay to go there after all. Well, today I'm feeling pretty good about that run, my joints don't hurt (yet), and I might possibly even do it again sometime soon! Possibly tonight, maybe not if I'm not feeling better by the time I go home. But hey, for me to go running by choice is a big step. It takes a lot for me to get out of shape (not read "gain weight", but to really get out of shape where I can't even make a mile on a run) but I was real surprised with how far I ran without any issues and my time. Motivating. I just don't enjoy running at all, neither outside nor on a treadmill. But it wasn't so bad. Maybe I'll get into a running habit. I still prefer the elliptical though. Much better on my poor bum knees.

My department is moving offices. And our teams are getting swapped around too. I like my desk and I like my big window to look outside on and I like my Assistant Director. I hope that I at least get to stay on my AD's team. We'll see tomorrow, I suppose. All of our desk stuff is in boxes while we keep the bare essentials until we get the go ahead to move across the hall. Boo. Such a hassle. All because we're over 50,000 students now. Need more space, need more employees. Woo. (feel the enthusiasm)

I guess I am partly to blame for that. Matthew and I are beginning grad school next week. We are two of the 50,000. I annoy myself!

Naw, it's not so bad. I'm just obnoxiously tired. Last night I had a miserable migraine after lunch until around 8:30 pm. Hopefully tonight I'll eat some delicious tacos for dinner, spend some time with my husband before he raids on WOW, read some of my novel, and then go to bed early! Some Vanilla Tea might help. But to bed early is a MUST. I can't do this 5 hours or less of sleep thing any longer. It's ridiculous.

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