Sunday, May 02, 2010

Month of May

I cannot believe April has already come and gone! We have been looking forward to the month of April because we were taking a vacation to California to see Matt's parents and we found out we were moving sooner than expected. Well, here we are in May already and the move is complete and our vacation seems like a distant memory.

Yesterday I spent all day cleaning out old apartment. Vacuuming, mopping (which is a lot more work than it sounds since there was zero carpet), and taking out the trash one last time. We haven't turned in our keys yet, but that will happen sometime this week and hopefully we'll get our full deposit back. Emily ruined two sets of blinds and there is a small scratch in the linoleum in the downstairs, but other than that everything is in the same condition it was received in. Since a lot of places put in new blinds and have normal wear and tear clauses, I'm hoping that will be true here as well.

Since all of "junk" has been habitating in the living room, I've been trying to sort through and organize all of that. It will be so nice when everything is pretty much put away. I'm trying to move things to the room they will be permanently in. We're going to need to buy some new furniture so things will probably remain in piles until then. We're planning on buying a new King or Queen sized bed for the Master bedroom and moving our Full bed into the guest room. After we do that we'll see if we'll buy any more furniture of the guest room. One of our old night stands will be in there and the other will be part of the TV area of the living room. We've already bought new night stands for the Master bedroom. I love them. We're planning on buying at least 1 new dresser for the Master bedroom. Possibly two, depending on what we find. We need to buy at least one more bookshelf for the office. It will need to be a fairly large one. We might buy two and put the second in the reading area of the living room. Yes, we're sectioning off our living room so one side is the TV/ video game area and the other is the reading area. Very nice. I'll probably buy some more furniture for the reading area too once it is all set up. The office is pretty much put together now, except one whole wall is lined with piles of books. But everything else is in it's proper place.

The kitchen is finally organized and I found places for all of the cleaning products we have. The dining room is more or less together. One of the doors on the kitchen cart fell off so we'll see if we can fix that.

Surprisingly, all our clothes fit nicely in our closets! I thought the closets would be far too small for all our clothes, but it is working out perfectly.

Emily has adjusted well to her new home. She has had two "accidents" here, but I think the first time she was seeking revenge for being left alone for a week and then being uprooted. The second time was because the area was properly cleaned so she returned there. Now everything has been cleaned (including her litter box so she has no excuse not to go there) so hopefully she won't infect anything else. My mom always told me that if my pets started going on the carpet or blankets or furniture I would understand why she and my sisters got rid of their pets who were doing this for no apparent reason. I'm still not to that point yet. I just keep washing the areas and hoping she stops. I can't imagine giving her away, even if I did get a new kitty. It seems so harsh!

Well, time to go organize some more. It sure will be nice when my weekends and evenings off don't consist of just moving and organizing. Hopefully by next weekend this will be true. Now all we have to do is change our address for all of our bills and our driver's licenses. It is proving more difficult that I thought! I think I have everything covered and a new bill will arrive that needs to be changed. Sigh. At least most of it is free.

Happy May.

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