Sunday, May 02, 2010


I have the early shift tomorrow. Which means lots of coffee in the morning. And most likely at lunch too. So as I'm going through the clutter in our living room, I realize that my coffee maker is no where to be found? I go through the kitchen again to make sure I didn't "put it away" even though it belongs on the kitchen cart. Since I just cleaned out the old apartment, I know it's not there. I remember putting it in some box or something to move. But I can't remember ever uppacking it. And now it is lost. Where is it? Where can it be? I have double, triple, and quadruple checked. It could just be staring me in the face somewhere. And I'll look again before bed (which should be now), but it makes me sad. I liked my little coffee maker. I'll buy a normal 12 cup coffee maker this time, but my 4 cup was so darn cute. I hope it turns up. Sigh. And then I'll have to buy my coffee in the morning. What a waste of 4 dollars.

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