Friday, April 16, 2010


I can't believe we're on our way to CA! When we were first planning this trip it seemed like it would never get here. We're sitting in the ATL airport now waiting for our flight to SD. What a blessing to be able to fly out of Lynchburg and in to San Diego. Minimal driving time all around. On the schedule is shopping, the zoo (which could be the highlight of my year!), seeing some old friends who are also now living in SoCal, lounging around, not going to work, and of course, lots of sitting by the pool reading!

My muscles (read muss-cals) are not my friends today. I knew I would be feeling the pain of moving today. Matt says it will probably be worse tomorrow! And we get to do it some more with even heavier things when we get back! Ugh. But I am so excited to be finally all moved in! I love love love our new space. Everything is working out so much better than I had originally imagined. This really is the perfect townhouse for us!

I took Matt over after he got home from work and he saw it for the first time. Yes, he trusted my judgment enough to sign a lease without having ever seen the place beforehand! He liked it too. Not as much as I do, but it will definitely do for the next two years. I can't wait to have everything set up and decorated! That probably won't be until June since we won't have all the new furniture until then. Woot.

Plane is boarding!

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