Thursday, April 15, 2010

moving day!

Today is moving day... Part one at least! I moved things from our apartment to our new townhouse for about five hours today. I moved a lot of stuff, but my apartment doesn't look any less full! It's so annoying! We're saving the furniture for when we get back from California next week. That will make a big difference. I mainly moved clothes, books, all of our pictures and wall hangings, some kitchen stuff, and some office stuff. I got tired after five hours so decided to take a break. I might try to take two more car loads over tomorrow before we head out to California!

The townhouse is wonderful! There's a lot more storage than I thought there would be. Except in the kitchen, but since we have a separate dining room, I figure I can get some kind of unit for some more storage. The rooms are perfectly sized. The patio is much larger than I thought, too bad we can't get a grill. Maybe we can get some nice patio furniture though. My parents might buy us a new bed for our anniversary present! That would be incredible! Then we'd make a day trip to IKEA for some new bedroom furniture and everything would be wonderful! It'll take awhile to get everything situated just right, but I'm so excited!

My husband is incredible. Really. He called around today to cancel our power here, set it up at the new place, cancel comcast for good, and set up Verizon at the new place, and he made sure to go to the back before our trip so we're good to go! All without me having to remind him! Now if only I had some more checks so I could finish paying our bills! I ran out today! Which is good I guess since I need to update our address with the bank.

Moving is stressful, but it will be so worth it when everything is done and organized! I don't know when that will be exactly, but it's coming along a lot quicker than I expected. I'm excited for vacation, but I'm also excited to get back from vacation so we can finish moving and start living there! I hope Emily adjusts well. She won't have as many windows too look out, and the view won't be as fun for her, but she'll have more space to frolic! I hope she doesn't miss her deer friends, bunny friends, and squirrel friends too much. I doubt we'll see much of those creatures at our new place.

I am tired. I need to do the dishes (it will be so nice to have a dishwasher finally!), redo my nails since they're ruined now that I was moving things all day, finishing packing for our trip, and take a long shower. Sigh, what a life! I love not having to go to work. The countdown is 13 months until baby time! That is incredible! I wish it were 7... But I know Matt is just being wise. Who needs grad school? I mean, really? Sigh. I know, we do. We really do. And then I can be a mommy for the rest of my life and he can be a successful counselor making the big bucks. Even though I might hear God telling us to do something different than planned... Involving me growing up a lot and is being more wise with our time and money. God's plans are generally not our plans. But He's never failed me yet. So all I can do is trust and obey.

And... Finish.

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