Friday, April 23, 2010

back to reality, the daily grind, ah life

Back to reality. Back to a job and living expenses and hoping our next paychecks come just in time!

First, vacation. Amazing. The weather was perfect. Pictures to come once our internet is set up and our computers are here (that info in section "Third"). We cruised around in the BMW Z3 that is Pops' baby. Matthew rather enjoyed that! We go back and forth if we want to go the long haul and get BMW's eventually ourselves, or stick with Jeeps. So many good cars to choose from! So we cruised around in that and Matthew got a horrible sun burn! It's really not funny how easily he burns. And it's at the oddest moments so he usually has pretty interesting tanlines once the burn calms down. Matthew had some motorcycle lessons from Pops. Matt was thinking he wanted to buy a Ninja in the nearer future, but upon a few lessons he might like feeling a little more enclosed. I'm not complaining. I got to sit out in the sun in my new swimsuit and get some nice color. We went to Orange County for a day and went shopping. Where did we buy clothes? The Vans store and Th Gap, so typical of us! And of course, we went to the San Diego zoo! It was a very good day! When I was a small child I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I decided to be a zoo keeper. Then I wanted to own a wildlife shelter for hurt or infant wild animals, like raccoons. But as. I grew up I decided to be a journalist (and we all are how long that lasted... It's still a dream but I won't be working for the headlines New York Times until I'm 35 like I thought). But I have always had a love for the animal kingdom. Matthew's favorite was the Jaguar. It was beautiful and brooding. So intimidating. It was like a giant, angry Emily. My favorite was the baby panda. He is 8 months old. So adorable. He was playing in a hammock when we saw him so it wasn't the best view, but he was still adorable! To work at the zoo would be entirely worth it to be able to pet the baby panda! There were also baby koalas, giraffes, and ducklings that were adorable. And that pretty much sums up our vacation in one short paragraph. I have amazing in-laws and am so blessed by them.

Second, the downside to the vacation. One time Matthew and I were returning to the house alone while mom and pops were at work. Before we could stop her, Cobie had run out the door when we opened it and scampered down the road! She's afraid of pretty much every living thing besides my mother-in-law so we really had no chance of catching her. She and I had a 15 minutes pet session earlier so I thought maybe she would come to me. But she just kept running and running. I chased her for about 45 minutes all around their neighborhood and to a farm-y area. The neighbors who were driving by kept pointing me in the reigt direction and trying to help me catch her. She's very quick though. We couldn't find her. It was a bad day. That was on Monday. We had given her up since she got loose in coyote country, she had no food and water, it was raining, and it was cold. Well, today someone found her and called mom since Cobie still had on her collar! And besides being exhausted and probably dehydrated, she was none the worse for wear! Amazing! Truly a miracle! I am so happy for mom! Cobie is her little companion now and it would have been far too sad if she were. Found. Mom said that God cares even for the creatures, and it is so very true!

Third, yesterday Matt and I moved a lot of our remaining junk to the house! We did some loads of living room and bedroom things. Then we started on the heavy lifting. The neighbors let us borrow their truck so we didn't have to rent a uhaul or anything. We managed the couch, loveseat, and our bed all by ourselves! Now, Matt and I aren't weaklings by any means, but we're both pretty short. Makes it difficult to maneuver large objects. But we were able to get everything in to our new house and situated with minimal damage all around. We stayed in our new townhouse last night. It was excellent. We also brought Emily over and set her up over here. This will be so nice once everything is set up and neat. We will need to buy some more house stuff before everything is set up correctly, but I have a vision! We bought new night stands last night and plan to buy one or two new dressers and then a larger bed for our bedroom. All our old stuff will go to the guest room for now (which will be converted to the nursury when the time is right). The office will be perfect for our grad school work and we'll rearrange it for guest room/ office once baby number 1 makes his/her appearance. It is a lovely space. I think I'm going to like it here much more than I anticipated. This weekend we'll work to get all the last little odds and ends moved over and set up and then we'll be good to go! Matt is working on setting up our internet over here. We switched to Verizon because Comcast was not being very helpful. I think it'll be a good move. Hopefully tomorrow that will all be up and running.

It feels good to be home. I'm already starting to think of the townhouse as home. And Emily is adjusting extremely well also. She was very clingy when we got back Wednesday night and she's continued to be clingy since then. I certainly don't mind. We might try to toilet train her. But if we get another kitten it might be difficult to train both of them and still have the litter box available in the meantime in case of accidents. So far though, Emily likes the new place with more space, soft carpet, and mommy and daddy home again to be with her.

Happy weekend!

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