Monday, April 26, 2010

taking the good with the bad

I have lost motivation to unpack. I'm sure I'll pick up steam again soon. I don't like living in clutter. Everything will find it's proper place in time. Probably by this weekend. But for today, I came home from work and crashed. Made some blueberry muffins and watched LOST all evening.

So two bads: Emily had an accident. A couple times since we had her she's fallen very soundly asleep in her cushions or (this time) on our living room comforter and "wet the bed". Normally this isn't such a big deal. We throw away her cushions and we wash the blankets. But it leaked a little onto our leather couch. Not good. I've cleaned the inside lining but the scent isn't coming out of the leather. I'm going to try a couple things to take out the scent, but it might be time for a new couch. Or a new kitty. Not really, not a new kitty. I would love a new couch, but don't really want to buy a new one if I don't have too. Especially not after moving this one. It's heavy!

Second bad: our neighbor smokes. It wafts through our walls. It's like she's smoking it in our living room and then walks around the whole house breathing it out. Not pleasant.I may have already mentioned this, now that I think about it. But it's really bothersome. Really. And there's nothing we can do about it. Out some dryer sheets in the vents, get some scented candles, and spray febreeze everyday. Too much work. And we pay too much money for that. Well, she's been home today and I haven't smelled her light up yet. Maybe she just does it when she's stressed or something.

The good, well, there was nothing stand out recently. My kitty has become more snuggly, which I love. She curled up on my lap to let me pet her for about an hour when I was doing my devos. I didn't even have to coax her to come up! She never does that. And I made delicious blueberry muffins. I think I'll have another one. I guess that's a whole lot of good actually. There are those less fortunate than I who don't have a wonderful kitty and who don't have blueberry muffins.

Oh, and one of my closest friends since childhood, Ben, and his wife are having a baby! While I am extremely jealous since they weren't even planning it, I am so happy for them! The baby is due in November and I'm supposed to be going home for a visit in December. Perfect. So happy for them!

A whole lot to be thankful for, really.

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