Tuesday, April 06, 2010

i'm the second ender

Yeah, about that any infestation that has taken up residence in our kitchen... I think they have built their little tunnel nest in the wall slash the space between the cupboards and the wall. I have taped up all the little hidey holes where they appear to emerge from. That has helped a little. Have I mentioned how excited I am that we get to move in two weeks? And the exterminator will clear everything crawly out the day before out lease begins. Perfect timing! Anyways, so I've killed more ants in my kitchen with my fingers in the past month then in my entire life otherwise out together! That puts me almost on level standing with Ender. But today, oh today, I found the queen ant! The hive mind. The way she was scurrying I swear she was thinking, "the human didn't forgive us" all over again. Nasty little buggers. Actually, Emily found her. I see Emily stalking something and I think it's a big black beetle. Upon closer inspection I run the grab some tissues and a shoe to destroy the queen! For what is the rest of the brood without her? She was huge! I never knew ants looked like that when they were enlarged! I had been picturing them like sweet little anty, from Honey I Shrunk the Kids. I felt bad, but not anymore. Disgusting. Hopefully all the baby ants won't know what to do now and they will all be miserable and lost and die slow and painful deaths. Do ants work that way? Now that the queen isn't telling them what to do they won't do anything? I hope so.

Operation new BlackBerry battery is a success! Woot! If I haven't mentioned it already, Mark Iveson is probably the most amazing bro-in-law ever. Couldn't have picked a better one if I had tried. My eternal gratitude forever! Maybe we'll named out firstborn after him... Well, maybe just the title of godfather. Someday.

Just like everyone else, I'm wondering where the heck spring went! We went from the worst winter Lynchburg has seen in over 25 years to ninety degrees? Seriously Virginia. Not cool. I dislike got weather already. And the sunshine makes my head ache. And Matthew wonders why I think Seattle would be a nice habititude! And yes, I know that's not the word I'm looking for, I just like the way it sounds better. Ugh, this is going to be an extra extra long summer! And no, I am not a summer person. Why can't there be anyplace that's eternally autumn? Honestly, that's what my heaven would be. Autumn, ancient buildings with modern plumbing, large libraries of new books no one else has ever touched (because used books/ libraries actually gross/creep me out), Elmer Towns reading to me all day everyday, while I sit wrapped in the arms of Jesus. And Matthew and I would most definitely still be married. When we were engaged Matt was not happy about that portion of heaven. He actually got quite fussy about it. It was adorable.

And it's almost time for bed. I always stay up too late. And then I miserably regret it the next work day. At least I'll be on dialer all day tomorrow. Sure, there are usually system errors and people will probably yell at me because they don't want to be called... But I won't have to think. That's always nice.

Good night, little girls, I hope you sleep well.

Good night, good night, dear Miss Clavel.

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