Monday, April 05, 2010

day off

Matt and I both had today off from work. It was grand. Amazing how much you can get done on a day off. It feels so much more productive than a typical weekend day off.

I woke up bright and early for my auto glass appointment. Now my windshield is almost too perfect! No smudges and no cracks or chips. Beautiful. But of course, it would rain and hail today. Hopefully no rocks will be hurled at my windshield from trucks in front of me for a good long while.

I then came home, had a nice cup of coffee and read while I waited for Matt to wake up.

I have the cat a bath because she was starting to get kind of greasy and stinky. She was not pleased.

We went out and were able to find both Matt and I a new pairs of shorts for California. I also found a swimsuit. It's bright pink and orange stipes. The top is a large! While the bottom is still a small. I think that's ridiculous! But it fits super well and I like the bright colors. I can't imagine what will happen when I get pregnant.

When we got home the blackberry battery my brother-in-law mailed me arrived! Yay! Hopefully that was the only problem and there's not anything else wrong with the actual phone. It would die after like 15 minutes of activity even after it was fully charged. Stink. So tomorrow we'll test it out and see if it lasts all day! In case I didn't mention this, my bro-in-law is pretty great. Like, super amazing! You should be jealous he's not your bro-in-law! I keep telling my best friend back home she should call him. But they would never ever be interested in each other. I would sure like it though!

We then took a nap and my migraine flared up again so while Matt went to the gym, I slept as long as I could. I made stuffed shells for dinner and did about an hour and a half worth of dishes. It will be so nice having a dishwasher when we move!

Matt got home, we ate, we watched a couple episodes of Friends, and we had angel food cake and strawberries for dessert.

I finished my 4th book in a week (or my first book for this week if you want to look at it that way) and now I'm going to try to do some exercises while watching some of LOST season 2. Hopefully my head will allow that.

It's been a good day. Four work days this week, four work days next week, and we're flying out to California for a week next Friday! Wow, April came fast! I could not be more excited!

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